We made our way to another district in Nairobi. It felt so good to hand out supplies to these children. These four boys were at the local “clinic” and it was so hard to wrap my hand around the fact that they just went through a surgery with no anesthesia. They had the biggest smiles on their faces and the gratitude they demonstrated was so pure to see. This woman had just delivered her baby and was so thrilled to receive a care package from us and a maternity bra. There were about 5 women in this tiny place having babies completely natural with no other choice. This journey has been such an eye opener. My heart is melting but so full! Thank you once again to everyone that has made a donation to help me with this journey. Please help me by making a small donation, I can’t even begin to tell you how far the smallest amount can go to help these children. ❤️ Here is my GoFundMe link 🙏 https://www.gofundme.com/my-mission-to-kenya #children #babies #kenya #doingmypart #donations #greatcause #volunteer
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