Another day well spent at an orphanage here in Kenya. Words can’t express how much it breaks my heart looking into these little eyes and knowing they don’t have a Mommy to love them or hold them daily. As much as I wanted to cry, the only thing they want you to do is look into their eyes and smile. It’s so hard leaving them and walking away, my heart simply breaks. After we make our way to the Rural part of Kenya I will be going back to bring them much needed supplies such as diapers, wipes, food, formula, baby clothes, toys and so much more! I’m going to make my way to the local market and purchase these items for them. A very big thank you to everyone who has sent a donation, I truly appreciate your support. The smallest donation goes a long way for these little souls! ❤️ Here’s the link to my GoFundMe 🙏 #babies #orphans #helpthebabies #volunteer #donate #children #kenya
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