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I just dropped my husband off at the airport for our first interview for residency. I have a very different mindset to this whole next phase of life than I did coming into medical school. And it’s weird to think about living in any other place but California. But we’re ready for an adventure if need be. I was hoping to get more spooky reads in but it’s been a slow grind this month. Do you do spooky reads?

Happy Monday y’all! Im coming at you with this delightfully colorful book that promotes STEM development in young to middle school aged girls. I love books like this. I’m not particularly science-techie myself but I’m thankful for those who are and have the gift to do it. Also these headscarves are in the shop and I’ll be dropping more scrunchies in the shop soon! Synopsis in the comments!

Photo cred @paperrdolls Happy Thursday to you guys! I love a good bow and book combo. If you haven’t seen, I will be a vendor in the November box with @enchanted_fandoms_ and honestly I’m so excited BECAUSE not only will you get one of my headscarves but it will have my art on it AND it will be EXCLUSIVE to Enchanted Fandoms only! So make sure to grab your box quickly cuz you know-headscarf but also there’s a BOOK IN THIS BOX *cue Jonah Hill screaming gif*.

I’m gearing up for the last installment of OG Star Wars with some art. I’ve always enjoyed Han Solos character: wisecrack, ordinary guy who does pretty ordinary things, epitome of space cowboy.

I think this picture accurately describes what my days have been like lately. In the mornings I carve out time for JJ to play at our community slide for a bit and I’ll read or get some drawing in. I much rather be inside but JJ lives for the outdoors. Monday has been messy and not how I planned at all but I’m trying to go with the flow. Have a good Monday y’all!

I got these prints in this week and im super stoked to put them in my shop! In other news I’m drowning in fabric. I mean do you see all that plaid? If you’ve seen my stories, JJ turned 3 today so we’ve been celebrating him today! Happiest of Saturday’s to y’all!

I’m going into #inktober2019 with minimal and low expectations. It’s a busy season of life here and it’s been pretty stressful so I figured a door series was in order to keep me committed but low key. I’m also working hard on a scrunchie restock and new art prints are on the way, so stay tuned.

Confession: I have a door obsession. I love red doors, blue doors, bright and colorful doors, barn doors, etc. Theyre such an underrated feature when it comes to our homes. I love seeing how people dress them up, put plants next to them, their welcome mats, how the accent a room and basically say “here you are!” Don’t underestimate the value of a good door. Who knows what kind of adventures await on the other side.

Happy Sunday Y’all. This is your PSA to let you know that @bibliophileprints is opening her shop on Tuesday and I personally am snatching one of her new pens that remind me of the Dwarves Mine from Snow White and because I am trash for pens. Make sure to show this sweet lady some support. 💎 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 In other shop news, I’ll be restocking scrunchies in the next week or so. I’ll also have two new art prints available for y’all, so make sure to stick around. AND I hit 1K today and I’m so thankful for all your support and I have some legit things coming your way!

Hums a few of my favorite things. Banned Books week came and left very quickly this year. It’s one of my deepest passions reading books that have been banned, most of which are classics. If you haven’t yet, look at the ALA website to see which of your favorites have been banned or challenged. You might be surprised.

I’m not sure this happened but I thought it would be fun to share a sketch I did that somehow morphed into Alice. I read an article that said a German circus company is using Holograms instead of live animals and I am here for it! It looks insanely magical. My trapeze girl morphed into Alice and the circus tent became wonderland and wham! It was nice to do a sketch just for me but it’s fun to share anyways. 😬

What do you do when you’re in a reading funk? Advice welcomed. Sorry I’ve been a bit quite here. I’ve been gearing up for a huge project and I needed to not be as active here for my mental space. Which also means I’m not reading as much. I’ve started like four different books hoping to be pulled into something and it’s just not happening. I hate pushing myself to finish a book, especially if my mood stinks. So I decided to finish decorating for Halloween. I’m a huge Frankenstein fan and that’s pretty evident in all the Frankenstein decor around my house. Stay tuned for restock updates but there is also some awesome fabrics in my shop available!

Working on going full Halloween around here. And you guys practically cleaned me out of scrunchies so time to add some more to the shop soon! *hums this is Halloween*

Truth for the day: you’re more than a number. Life is seemingly made up of numbers that are supposed to define us-test scores, the scale, our income, and the amount of followers we have. You were created to be more than a number, and your self worth does not rest in that. Now excuse me while I go collapse on the floor after an insane workout. 😑

📸 cred to @vanessarasanenauthor Hey all! I’m back from my vacation! It was amazing and we needed it so badly. I miss my family and our best friends but I am loving the cool breeze in Sacramento this morning. My shop is open and there are some lovely fall prints available! Snag them before they are gone.

Disney hangover has been real today. So much coffee and water but a super slow rebound. My son however has been bouncing off the walls and talking nonstop about Mickey. Which leads me to say my shop is back open! My trip in SoCal is coming down to a slow wind and I’ll be back home soon to package off any orders placed. Make sure to snag a rep code!

It’s spooky season, sorta. I keep telling the weather to cooperate but it’s ignoring me. So we’re headed to the beach instead. My shop reopens on Friday and make sure to snag yourself some fall pretties!

Just finishing up this scrunchie custom order before I go on vacation. My shop is open and some of my favorites are going to new homes tomorrow. Everyone needs some hair candy!!