#duchesskate’s #baftas gown is giving us a flashback to #princessdiana in 1991. Link in bio for the full story.
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@zechmannj I already do, duh.......What I choose is to crap on them and their hate towards Freedom!

Is it the same gown?

Marvelous 🌹🌹🌹🌹

Both look Stunning and Gorgeous

It's like they are looking at each other

Corkie Myrick
2019-02-12 15:23:42

Very elegant the duchesses is

2019-02-12 14:02:25

Both most beautiful Royals, Kate’s dress is better

2019-02-12 12:22:11

two classy and beautiful Princess and Duchess!

2019-02-12 11:25:54

Soooo lovely..2 grand royals!!


Diana Romyn
2019-02-12 09:05:42

No body could wear her gowns??


Diane Stumph
2019-02-12 07:15:09


Soňa Helena
2019-02-12 06:55:29


Hilda Hill
2019-02-12 06:38:06

The incomparable Lady Di!😘


Stop with the comparisons. She is her own incredibly classy and stylish woman and learned nothing from Diana, NOR is she trying to BE Diana

This is weird, your making me feel like the prince has mommy issues. why you guys keep wanting him to marry his mom. One is mom other is wife. They are completely different people you need to stop comparing them both. Or doing the who wore it better...um yah rude different time. Of course Kate’s looks good it’s of this time. Diana’s was hip at the time she wore it.