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No stings today! Dad and I went out to inspect the one hive we have at home right now. We did go in the evening when they are the least moody but I'm comfortable with taking off the lid without putting my suit on! Woot! Go me! Check the hive out in my story 🌻🐝🍯 #thebeekeepergal

Very specific sugar water instructions from Dad: "If you have enough 1 to 1. 2 to 1 will work. Basically no more than 1 to 1 or less than 2 to 1 . Water to suger ratio water 1cup to 1 sugar or 2 cups water to 1 cup sugger. Or somewhere in between but never more sugar the water." #thebeekeepergal #beehive #sugarsugar #sugarwater

"Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well" - summary of the beehive life according to the books I've read this week or MIA? 🐝🍯#beekeepergal #beehive

Be suit style #1 the European Hood. Good visibility but I learned that without a ball cap, I increase the chance of being stung on the face through the mesh. Note to self, next time wear a ball cap to help keep the mesh away :) 🐝🐝🐝 #thebeekeepergal #honeybees #beehive

Bees are also fans of marigolds :) and we don't mind as these beauties are also supposed to keep the mosquitos away. Our garden is full of them 🐝🏡️ more bee books arrived today! Can't wait to dive into them later tonight! #honeyhoney #honeybees #thebeekeepergal garden #thebeekeepergal

Apiary: a bee yard or a location where honeybee hives are kept 🐝🍯🐝🌳 #beekeepergal #apiary #honeyhoney #honeybee #

These worker bees should have a frequent flyers club. According to the Canadian Honey Council "bees fly more than once around the world to gather a pound of honey." 😦🌏😦 #frequentflyer #honeyhoney #beekeepergal #honeybees

This spring Mom and I planted Black-eyed Susans because we read they're great flowers for bees! Not too sure if it worked or not πŸ˜…πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ What are your top recommendations for bee friendly flora? 🐝🍯 #flowers #flowergarden #blackeyedsusan #beekeeping #beekeepergal

An undisturbed beehive is surprisingly quiet! I'm shocked! Last night I went out to grab some photos of our hive and unless you saw the bees flying in and out, you wouldn't know any better about the organized chaos inside. #beehive #beekeepergal #beekeeping #beekeeperintraining #savethebees

The Sting Counter is started...let's keep that number below zero okay? Btw, a win for Janelle is any bee keeping interaction without a sting! #beekeeping #thebeekeepergal #beekeepersofinstagram

I'm looking for your favourite bee keeping crash courses! I've looked into NAIT for Dad and I to take some spring courses. Any other workshops we should consider? #beekeepingalberta #beekeepergal #beekeeperintraining #teachus

I tried out the European style hood for my first ever bee suit. I looked for something that seemed as secure as absolutely possible. What I didn't realize is the little busy bees will sting you right through the mesh. Yep, lesson learned. When wearing the European style hood, one should wear a baseball cap underneath the try and keep the netting away from the face. Otherwise, you're just an easy target. #thebeekeepergal #beekeeping

A few weeks ago a bear got at this hive our in Thorhild County. Dad salvaged what he could and made the transfer over to these new boxes near Edmonton. We're making sugar water mixtures to help support the little busy bees and see if they'll bounce back from the attack 🐻🍯🐝 #beekeeping #beesofinstagram #honey #honeybees #beehive #thebeekeepergal

What's your favourite bee product? I'm original and love me some honey 🍯 #thebeekeepergal #farmersmarket #beehive

Back in May, waaaaaay before I volunteered as tribute to be my Dad's bee keeping buddy, my Mom and I planted bee friendly flowers in our garden. Zinnas, cosmos, daisies and marigolds to name a few #beegarden #beekeeping #beekeepergal #beekeeperintraining

Documenting my journey as a bee keeper in training #honeybee #beekeeper #beekeeperintraining