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They made you who you are today ❤️

“Only you are in charge of writing the story of your life. Edit it as necessary and never be afraid to start a new chapter.”. ⠀ ♊️ LAST QUARTER MOON IN GEMINI ♊️ The Moon lands in Gemini today bringing us the Last Quarter, or half moon. This phase of the Lunar Cycle is a time of release as we make space for new energy. It is especially powerful right now with the end of Virgo Season and the Fall Equinox happening on Monday. Basically, if there’s anything, including any emotion, you don’t want in your world now is the time to release it. ⠀ Gemini is the sign of the inquisitive twins. Her energy encourages us to communicate with ourselves and others. With the Moon in her sign, it’s a great time to explore your feelings and share them with those around you. Be wary, though, of oversharing. Take the time to first get clear in your own mind before exchanging thoughts with another. ⠀ With the last quarter in Gemini it’s a great time to rewrite stories you define your life by. We often tell ourselves things are a certain way, then create a reality around that story, complete with feelings. As we make our way through this Moon, ask yourself if your feelings are based on what is actually occurring in the present moment or if they’re based on a prewritten story that may need some editing. Release the parts of your story that are no longer true or ones that you’ve formed a new perspective about. Change the color of the lenses you are viewing your world through, and change your world. Image via @becca_reitz #halfmoon #geminimoon #astrologyposts

Waning Moon + Fall Equinox vibes ✨⁠ Check out the latest blog on how to align with the Fall Equinox and release your dead ends. Link in bio or story. ⁠ quote via @moonbodysoul⁠ #autumn #fallequinox #blogpost

On Monday we begin Libra ♎️ Season, a time of balance and renewal. In the midst of Libra Season, we have the Full Moon in Aries, reminding us to bring focus to ourselves and our priorities. Aries teaches us that our soul's purpose is the priority in everything we do. Libra teaches us that maintaining inner peace is the most important thing we do. When we fuse together these energies, we create a balance point where we have the drive and motivation of Aries, centered, and focused by the peace of Libra. We have the eagerness of Aries to fulfill our soul's destiny and the harmony of Libra to allow others to help us on our journey.⁠ #aries #fullmoon #moonguide ⠀⁠ The Aries Full Moon is an opportunity to merge the energies of Libra and Aries to help you stay centered on your path while including others on your journey. It's a time to realign with your passions and release anything, or anyone, that distracts from your true purpose. The Full Moon Workbook 🔝is here to help you first find your true purpose in this life then find the motivation to pursue it. The workbook includes powerful practices and rituals for the Full Moon designed to help you shed the low vibrations of Libra and Aries, while aligning with and integrating the high sides. The workbook is now available in plenty of time for you to receive it before the Full Moon. ⁠ Link in bio or tag. #fullmoon #aries #moonsign #astrology

Just a few days left of Virgo ♍️ Season. It’s always an intense one, as Virgo asks us to accept and love ourselves in new ways which expand our potential. Virgo Season is a time to realize that you don’t need to be perfect to be worthy. This realization can take some work and some time. While we always want to continue to evolve, it’s important to love yourself unconditionally no matter where you are in your journey. This, of course, includes loving your imperfections and even valuing them as part of your unique personality. Accepting yourself moment to moment, not matter what phase you are in, is the key to understanding Virgo’s energy and harnessing it to help manifest your visions. What did you learn to love about yourself over the past four weeks? Personally, I’ve learned to love myself as a new mother, including all the mishaps and valuable lessons I’ve experienced. I’m far from perfect, but I’m open to being present each day and learning what my little one has to teach me. I’m loving my journey so far and embracing my new role in life, along with all of my imperfections. ❤️ How was your Virgo Season?

Next week Autumn 🍁 begins, ushering in a time of renewal through detoxification. The Fall Equinox marks the start of Libra Season, and three months of release, as we make our way to winter. Learn how to align with nature to drop your own dead leaves on the Blog. Link in bio or story.

“both soft and fierce can coexist and still be powerful.” -@danielledoby ⠀ ♉️ MOON IN TAURUS ♉️ The Moon will spend the next two days in the grounded energy of Taurus. Taurus reminds us that when we stay present with ourselves, we can feel how to nurture ourselves. Full presence opens the door for understanding of what we truly need from ourselves and from others. ⠀ Over the next few days take time to steady your energy. Drop into the here and now with deep breaths in and deep breaths out. Feel your strength rise from your center and your ability to overcome anything, including your own mind. Allow yourself to detach from your comfort zones, including feelings of self- doubt, fear, and insecurity. Take care of the parts of you which hold these energies, and give yourself compassion, but know that you are stronger than even your greatest fears. ⠀ Feel your feet on the ground, feel your softness and feel your strength. Then feel how it all dances together, opening the doorway for your growth. Stay fully present with yourself as you mindfully push yourself past your normal limitations. Pause when you need to, rest when you need, but know that evolution happens at the edge of discomfort. Play in this energy for a few days and be open to breaking through what holds you back from your potential. The key starts with grounded presence, though, from there anything is possible. Image via @becca_reitz #taurusmoon #moonsign #astrologyposts

Libra Season begins in one week ♎️ Get ready to find inner balance and peace. Libra Season teaches us to remain calm no matter what life throws at us. It’s not about suppressing our feelings, though, it’s about feeling them all then using tools to restore our equanimity. Libra Season is the time find what helps you return to center when storms come your way. You then can bring this sense of balance into your relationships helping them stay centered. Learn all about the gifts of this Sun season in the Libra Workbook 🔝. It guides you through the entire four week period, and the Libra New Moon, with practices and rituals to help you find harmony amongst the waves of life. Link in bio or tag #libra #sunsign #moonguide

It’s an act of self love 💕 via @yeszoefridayismyrealname

Post Full Moon Vibes ✨ Nice to meet you ✨

She is water Powerful enough to drown you soft enough to cleanse you deep enough to save you. - Adrian Michael. ⠀ ♓️ FULL MOON IN PISCES ♓️ . ⠀ Tonight the Full Moon lands in the water sign, Pisces. This is a very cleansing Full Moon; powerful enough to shift your vibration after you wade through some turmoil and possibly tears. ⠀ Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac. Her energy invites us to step back from our emotions, our reactions, and our thoughts to observe them. In this observation we discover that these things do not define us. We are not our sadness, our frustration or our self-doubt. These are just temporary states visiting us. Instead, we are the essence of the universe, connected to everything, simply experiencing a human form and all of its conditions. ⠀ If there ever was a time to meditate, today is it. Spend time witnessing your emotions and your thoughts. Give them attention but resist the urge to react to them. Align with Pisces to observe and heal them. Feel the water element cleansing away the energy you no longer wish to carry. Remember that you are not your feelings or your thoughts. Take away their power to control you by calling them out of the shadows. See them, feel them and hear them but change how you interact with them. Choose a different reaction today and as the Full Moon rises tonight, transform into a higher vibration of yourself. ⠀ Follow along with practices designed to guide you through this transformative Moon in the Pisces Full Moon Workbook, still available in digital form. Link in bio Image via @broken_isnt_bad #pisces #fullmoon #watersignsbelike

The Pisces Full Moon greets us at 9:32PM PDT tomorrow evening. This Moon holds the magic of release as Pisces encourages us to surrender to the flow of our life. Letting go isn’t always easy, especially of control. Align with the energy of Pisces through the Full Moon workbook 🔝 today, tomorrow and Saturday. It explains everything this Moon holds for us and walks you through a series of practices designed to help you observe the rhythm of your life instead of reacting in your normal pattern. When you step back and truly experience your world, you realize you are everything and all that we ever wanted becomes yours because it already is part of you. Align with Pisces tomorrow under the Full Moon to feel your own all encompassing nature and your magic. Link for workbook in bio #pisces #fullmoon #astrologyposts