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Ethereal early morning fog slides past diving ridge lines in Oregon’s Cascsade range. One of those scenes I could have spent an hour shooting, waiting for the fog to continue its shape chan drift, revealing an ever evolving palette of mood __________________________________ #fog #fall #oregon #pacificnorthwest

“Among Giants” Those who follow my work know the Pacific Northwest’s temperate rainforests are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. They are beautiful and mysterious, but also one of the most elusive environments to create an image in. This particular day of shooting was nothing but struggle: sun, rain, monster groves of devil’s club, bright sky spots poking holes in otherwise workable compositions, and of course dealing with an ubiquitous green wall of chaos to unravel and arrange. Towards the end of the session of shooting I wandered off a side trail and walked along the top of one of these fallen giants. From this high vantage I saw this clean arrangement containing many of the elements I took mental notes on during the day which I hoped to make use of: well spaced large diameter trees, isolated vine maple, fanning devil’s club leaves, and soft light veiled by a passing cloud. It’s nice when so many of these little mental imprints collected throughout the day can be integrated together in one scene.

Huddled Masses The second post from a new collection of images I released earlier this week (Link in my profile). Although the collection largely draws on images created during this past summer, there are a few holdovers I captured in seasons past but only recently had the urge to work on. “Huddled Masses” is one of those images and ranks up there as a favorite in the new releases. A couple years ago some friends and I went on a snowy fall backpacking trip to the high mountains of central Washington. Looking back it’s one of the most memorable trips of the past few years. This image, to me, contains so many of the elements which made that trip special: lots of fresh snow, sunlit larch trees, color contrasts, and high mountain walls rising around us. It’s when a photograph succinctly conveys the power of the experience that photography reaches its highest form.

~ Kulshan Rising ~ Persistence and hope — two concepts firmly in my mind as I walked along this ridge watching as dense fog continuously rolled over me, obscuring hoped for views toward this giant, glaciated volcano. It would have been easy to call it a day and return to my warm, dry tent, and to my family. But an inner voice reminded me to trust experience, which long ago taught me that clouds have a habit of lowering at sunset as temperatures cool. Just stick it out a little longer. Soon enough the light began to fade and little glimpses of glacier poked through holes in the fog. Before long the scene presented here revealed itself. Persistence, experience, and a healthy dash of luck -- three ingredients which, when combined well, hold the potential to provide really cool experiences. —————————————— This is the first from a loose collection of about twenty new images I released on my website yesterday. Feel free to follow the link in my profile to view the rest. Thanks —————————————— #washingtonstate #nature #ourplanetdaily #earthoffical #superhubs #travelawesome #majestic_earth #awesome_earthpix #pnwonderland #global_hotshotz #ig_bliss #natgeo #cascadiaexplored #main_vision #earthfocus #awesomeearth #awesomeglobe

Starting to really look forward to the upcoming Fall season. If I’m fortunate enough I may just find some glowing larches like these stand I walked by during a trip to the North Cascades in 2014

Will I ever become tired of shooting in the forest? It's a question I contemplate every so often, mostly at the tail end of each spring. The answer I keep coming up with is "probably not". What has held true over the years is my belief that forests are one of the most engaging, stimulating, and intellectually taxing places to photograph. While roaming through our forests here in the Pacific Northwest it seems as though some favorite new image is always lurking right around the corner. Because of this my mind is always sensing, collecting information, and scanning for a grouping of elements to compose with. What also has held true is just how rare it is to actually come away with a usable image. For sure, forests have the highest ratio of effort to production of any environment I photograph regularly. For me at least. But it's precisely this combination of a highly engaging shooting environment with a low yield rate which keeps me motivated. If it was easy it would become boring and any resulting images would quickly lose their luster. In the end forests remind us of the value in failure as well as how our feelings of success often correlate to these struggles and failures.

I’ve been busy rounding out a group of images from this summer for release sometime soon. What I can say for now is that it’s been one of the best summers in quite a while, not only photographically but also in the variety and depths of experiences I and my my family shared. Looking forward to sharing the new work but for now here’s a rare east coast image from me. Hope everyone has plans to get out this weekend!

When verga, rain, clouds, and light all decide to play together in the desert life elevates to an entirely different level. It’s these unexpected moments of fleeting light which excite me the most as a photographer. Their rarity makes them all the more special. Breath, experience, capture

Night Swimming~ a night spent high in the mountains well above tree line with views like this is life lived well. Looking forward to more experiences like this before summer’s end ======================== landscapephotography #landscapes #landscape_photography #usinterior #landscapecaptures  #landscapephotomag #ig_landscape #ig_masterpiece #splendid_earth #optoutside #discoverearth  #earthfocus #ourplanetdaily #earthofficial #natgeo #nationalgeographic #awesome_earthpix

It’s been so nice to spend the summer in the Pacific Northwest this year for the first time in five years. Missed th high country around here in a big way. So far we’ve packed in several 3 to 8 day trips throughout July and into August. The good news is this trend looks to be continuing for another couple of weeks. Haven’t released any new images from these trips yet so here’s a holdover from a few years back

Today seems like a fine day for an abstract from the coast of Iceland 🇮🇸

It’s been a busy summer so far with a steady stream of trips lined up in the Cascade range as well as the Sierras. All told I’ve spent only a week’s worth of days at home since mid-June. Hope to have a small collection of images ready in a month or two (yep, I’m a slow processor). Anyway, here’s an image of one of my favorite subjects to shoot — badlands

The afterglow of one of the most all encompassing sunsets I’ve witnessed. Made up for being chased out by thunderstorms on my last visit to this location. The desert always provides amazing moments... Sorry to those who saw the previous version of this image I posted a few minutes ago— IG’s crop really did a number on it. When are they going to finally allow full size verticals? ________________________________________ #landscapephotography #landscapes #landscape_photography #yourshotphotographer #landscape_hunter #landscapecaptures  #landscapephotomag #ig_landscape #ig_masterpiece #splendid_earth #optoutside #discoverearth  #earthfocus #ourplanetdaily #earthofficial #natgeostudentexpeditions #awesome_earthpix

“Blue Veins” Southern Utah

Looking forward to visiting more locations like this over the next two months. It’s been way too long since I’ve had a productive summer of photography in the mountains. #stokelevelrising ______________________________________ #landscapephotography #landscapes #landscape_photography #yourshotphotographer #landscape_hunter #landscapecaptures  #landscapephotomag #ig_landscape #ig_masterpiece #splendid_earth #optoutside #discoverearth  #earthfocus #ourplanetdaily #earthofficial #natgeo #nationalgeographic #awesome_earthpix #ourwild

A memorable sunset, one which I accidentally shot in TIFF! The good news? I bracketed like a champ. The bad news? Not blowing out highlights while making color and contrast adjustments during processing the image was a nightmare. Another piece of good news? This was taken on my birthday. Not a bad present...

Currently on the east coast but dreaming of time high in the mountains. It’s been five years since I’ve spent any significant portion of summer in the Pacific Northwest, but this year is shaping up to be different. I’ll be home for much of July and August. It’s long past time to get reacquainted with my long lost friend the Cascades mountains. Super excited! It’s been way too long ————————————————— ##landscapephotography #landscapes #landscape_photography #yourshotphotographer #landscape_hunter #landscapecaptures  #landscapephotomag #ig_landscape #ig_masterpiece #splendid_earth #optoutside #discoverearth  #earthfocus #ourplanetdaily #earthofficial #natgeo #nationalgeographic #awesome_earthpix