Short time lapse tracking the Milky Way. Shot from my campsite in Crawford State Park. #milkyway #nightscaper #nightscapers #milkywaychasers #colorado #crawfordstatepark #crawford #keithallenfineartphotography
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@hn.photograph Thank you!

I could seriously watch this for hours. This is amazing!

@crotaluslannomi Yep, I have a camera rig that rotates as the same speed of the earth which allows me to take longer exposures without the stars trailing.

@keithallenphotos I just noticedthat the earth seems to love while the sky doesn’t seem to rotate like usual, do you have the camera set on some kind of auto rotating joint or something to match the earths rotation?

@crotaluslannomi Thanks bro!

@keithallenphotos incredible, I love seeing your astronomical posts. 😁👌✌️