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The summer is gone, took piece of my heart with it. So many things happened in 2019 summer. Things went too fast, and I couldn’t even react. Feel like I run through all the feelings just in one summer: happy, grateful, proud! sad, angry, despairing ...... I bring my little broken doll again, as you know she presents all the bad feelings, I always feel better after I finish an artwork about her. Also, it is the first time I paint her in this way. Also, this is first time I have another character with her. The goat mask man was a character from a short film called This Machine Flys. I don’t know how to explain why it touched me. Normally i can say it as telling a story, but This Machine Flys wasn’t telling a story. More like waiting whenever the moments catch you. And I was caught so many times! I remember bloody red, fresh green and clear eyes. I remember dancing , singing, real people’s laughing, shy and pretending to be calm. The main character was carrying and playing his cello, he doesn’t care anything else except focus on his cello. Everyone is so real, they are just someone in real life. The goat mask man was there being himself. I remember he was moving slowly at night, like he was dancing, very short time but very beautiful. I wish he was the one dance all the time. I’m so sleepy now, don’t know if my mind still clear. I just want to say thank you everyone who was in this 2019 summer trip with me. And thank you for all the suggestions all the encouragement and all the patience! For all the bad feelings, I don’t know what to say, if I over them, then doesn’t matter anymore. Only one life, appreciate it!

... cold morning🥶 hot day🥵 really confused 🤷🏻‍♀️! But beautiful weather after all! Happy weekend!

It was beautiful to enjoy half summer🍃 half autumn 🍂 ! My legs are really tired now😆🥂🥂 How about you guys??? @emilyyhan_ @fengpaul1 @maxl1106

I met them in the mountain lol 😂 love this Saturday !

12 hours!!!! I’m surprised!!!! Thank you @a_leeleeleelee for the pictures~~~~ and I like Brooklyn , so pretty!

We got the colors sisssssssssses! @laaaalala @rynest0ne

Took A big break from cleaning up the apartment with @maxl1106 !such a long trip, thank you~💗💗💗

When you stay in dark and touching the light, what do you feel? I can’t believe how fast the life push me growing up without any notice. Just suddenly understand that nothing more important than I’m alive.

Shadow in the morning ☀️

#1 🐛“Here is my heart. It’s broken, but it’s my full heart. Please take care of it!” 😶“... Sorry, I can’t give you mine. I don’t know where is my heart... I’m sorry...” 🐛”That’s ok, can’t you see the tiny green is growing up, it will grow a new heart for you!” 😶”...Thank you...”-the end- #2 🐛” Here is my heat. It’s broken, but it’s my full heart. Please take care of it!” 🦋”Don’t worry! We take care of it together!” 🐛”You are??!!” 🦋”Yes! I am! I am you. You’re the weakness inside of me. I’m the strong part of you! Thank you for carrying all the pain and sadness! From now on, let’s do it together!” -the end- I love my new drawing! So much changing than before, maybe just for me😅😅😅! Ok, there are two stories of this drawing. The first story that I made when I started doing this sketching. I got lost for one or two days, completely couldn’t control my hand. I knew because I had another drawing layout finished, but I couldn’t start it. So I couldn’t calm my heart down. But,😏 the next day I did this layout which made me so happy!!! Yay 😃!!! The second story, I made today, when I was finishing it. I had very different feelings! I love it! Shame, I don’t have a big number of drawing, but every single one is my favorite at that moment! Now I put it in to the frame on the wall, and still keep looking at it, and talking to my cat “Nana, I love my new drawing hehe 😜 !“ Good night everyone! #littlebrokendoll#brokenheart#red#life#gold#plantlover#crying#city#lights#growing#hands#artlover#artwork#favorit#handdrawing#teareyes#new#portrait#gallery#illustration#nyc#植物#插画#生活#絵#イラスト#アート#はな

Happy time with the little girl, and I’m sorry I got so sleepy at 3?4? am🤣🤣🤣you know I really did my best! Thank you for the rational thoughts, I always need that! Lol! Hope we see each other soon someday! I’ll miss the time when we were neighbors🥳🥂🗣

If the world only has three colors black, white and gray. But the happiness would never be the same!

July 25th, 2019 哈哈,还是不要说英文了!不够矫情! @oulan.zf 嗯~感觉怪怪的,我坐在老旧的电影院里,想着回家就看不见你的行李了。虽然短短几天,我已再一次习惯有个室友是有多好,哈哈哈哈眼泪💧打转转儿~~~ 不过,很快就有机会见面了,所以还好啦哈哈哈哈哈!现在,你有了自由,会更加辛苦,不过,苦中带更乐呵吧,加油加油!希望很快见面啦~~~~

-Me wearing one of my favorite @marcjacobs dress~ 🥰 -Mom said that all her walls are empty, keep drawing!😅 -start from beginning of July, stopped for several days, lost lots of energy compare to the first day when I started coloring. What is exactly chasing me after all the time? Not a good feeling😵. #cherry#redlips#red#life#fashionportrait#plantlover#watercolor#city#lights#gold#fashion#artlover#artwork#favoritedress#handdrawing#glassesforever#fruit#portrait#gallery#silver#marcjacobs#nyc#植物#插画#生活#絵#イラスト#アート#はな

👯‍♀️Tuesday matching with @laaaalala I have to say , these two👆🏻are so cute😆😆😆 hahaha

Photos are back to March 9th in Las Vegas. That time @maxl1106 was still my roommate, and I still couldn’t really take it, haha yeah, I was like a kid and gave him some hard time🤦🏻‍♀️. And now these two happy lovers have their first year anniversary. I’m happy for you two, and wish you all my best! Time flys too fast, we all need to enjoy every single day, and be happy, understand and support each other! Love you guys @maxl1106 and @fengpaul1 forever 💗💗💗

两个人要幸福哟👨‍❤️‍👨 @maxl1106 and @fengpaul1

When the weather is beautiful, I laugh with it.☀️☀️☀️ Sunday afternoon. Thank you @emilyyhan_ for the photos 💗💗💗