The summer is gone, took piece of my heart with it. So many things happened in 2019 summer. Things went too fast, and I couldn’t even react. Feel like I run through all the feelings just in one summer: happy, grateful, proud! sad, angry, despairing ...... I bring my little broken doll again, as you know she presents all the bad feelings, I always feel better after I finish an artwork about her. Also, it is the first time I paint her in this way. Also, this is first time I have another character with her. The goat mask man was a character from a short film called This Machine Flys. I don’t know how to explain why it touched me. Normally i can say it as telling a story, but This Machine Flys wasn’t telling a story. More like waiting whenever the moments catch you. And I was caught so many times! I remember bloody red, fresh green and clear eyes. I remember dancing , singing, real people’s laughing, shy and pretending to be calm. The main character was carrying and playing his cello, he doesn’t care anything else except focus on his cello. Everyone is so real, they are just someone in real life. The goat mask man was there being himself. I remember he was moving slowly at night, like he was dancing, very short time but very beautiful. I wish he was the one dance all the time. I’m so sleepy now, don’t know if my mind still clear. I just want to say thank you everyone who was in this 2019 summer trip with me. And thank you for all the suggestions all the encouragement and all the patience! For all the bad feelings, I don’t know what to say, if I over them, then doesn’t matter anymore. Only one life, appreciate it!
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Overground Travel
Satoshi / 富士山フォトギャラリー富嶽変幻
John McCormick

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