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IM BACK!! Sorry for being gone for so long. @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius

Day 4: idol's favorite photo. It probably ain't @jacobsartorius ' favorite photo but I love it!

Day 3: @jacobsartorius eating - - please like and comment @jacobsartorius - - - - #jacobsartorious #fan #edits #sartorians #sartoriansvseverybody

Day 2: Idol's selfie @jacobsartorius

Day 1: idol in sunglasses😎 - - please like and comment @jacobsartorius - - - - #jacobsartorious #fan #edits #sartorians #sartoriansvseverybody

Gonna do this starting tomorrow!!

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Yo A,B,C, or D

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Well. My grandma died. She was my life and soul. The only really I'm alive today. Not gonna give y'all a whole paragraph cause that will be on my main @cody.hansen12 but, at least I have this fandom and @jacobsartorius to make me happy

JACOB SAID HE WOULD LIKE MY POST. ALSO I asked Jacob to marry me and he said he would. Then proceeded to tell me he wasn't gay! @jacobsartorius Credits: @lifelinejs - - please like and comment @jacobsartorius - - - - #jacobsartorious #fan #edits #sartorians #sartoriansvseverybody