Thrilled to have made the cover image and to be featured in October’s issue of Australian Photography Magazine. @australianphotography_magazine
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T.D. Jakes
Rishad Daroowala
R o o m o n F i r e
Benjamin | Leipzig
Summer diary

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@marshall_the_nightowl Thanks Marshall! Hope you’re well 😊

Congrats so talented

@blackheathskies oh wow! That’s fantastic! Greetings from the youngest Younger at the bottom of the world. Xx

Greetings from London. Mum thrilled to get magazine from your mum. Simmons family x

Sei na merda.

How are you


@ricardodacunhaimages 💕💜

@hillary_younger I will most definitely do that! And so great to hear that life is treating you kindly, I hope it stays like that as you deserve nothing less.

@ricardodacunhaimages hey Ric, thank you so much. Life has decided to be kind for a bit, so moving forward and catching my breath. Hope you like the article when you read it. Come see me if you’re in Tas ~ living pretty central in Hobart ( 10 mins walk to the city centre).

A massive congrats Hills! 🙏 I look forward to getting my copy shortly! Hope life is treating you well beautiful human.


@ericgailphotodude hey Eric, thanks heaps 😍🙏

@littlem_photography 😍😍😍

WHOA! Stunner!

Congrats go girl!!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆😉✌️

@seihcnumehttogevi thank you! 🙏

@cargalgirl thanks so much 🙏

@danielkordan thank you 🙏