🎶 “escalate” by @tsarbmusic Here is a little clip of some of the dancing i have been doing the past two days here in London at ICE2019 hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you @endorphinagames for having me and allowing me to to share my passion for dance to the the folks of London! #dancerscomeinallsizes . . . #dancers #heelsdance #meninheels #highheels #dance #dancer #dancing #worldwidedance #maledancer #mendance #improv #tsarb #icelondon2019 #epicdancevideos #godatu #thesedancersfeature #dancersofinstavram #dancedance #dancelife #dancevideo #dancevideos
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2019-07-23 19:31:17

Work it boy 👅💦


2019-05-08 22:47:55


@samcargo5 this is really truly amazing thank you so much for tagging!

Sam Cargo
2019-05-08 11:17:09


¡Maravilloso! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

@jubitalinda Jajaja ya lo había visto 😂 Se pasoo 👏

@fakostark @andrea_cacri miren esto 😱😱😱😱

Chelsey Cope
2019-04-06 17:12:56


2019-03-31 18:14:31

🙌🙌🙌 @katyhiltonknight I want to learn.

@msimon54 the more that I think about it, imagine walking in like a mall or wherever this is and just seeing this guy doing this live


2019-02-27 01:21:46

@ll.umidsiz.ll öldüm 😂

2019-02-26 04:15:14

@iiiiiiiiiirka_fetish красиво!

2019-02-26 04:13:08

@damngirl_sqg о ленка давно ты стрип пластикой занялась?

I love that you don’t fit the mold. You’re totally out of the box and kicking arse at it. Congratulations!


Thank you for being you 🖤🖤🖤🖤