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Not guilty! Performing the Hungarian part of the Cell Block Tango in Spanish was elevating! So glad to have been a part of the vision.❤ . . . #chicagothemusical #cell #blacktie #tango #berrycurly 📸

Walked away from NYC for a few days to recouperate and I think it's doing the trick. 🥾 I sacrificed a little peace of mind this summer to settle into my new role at my muggle job while keeping up with the nightlife scene. It's good to keep busy and move with the momentum, but it's also easy to get lost in it. I found myself doing just that. Getting lost in the momentum. A little trip to Utah pulled me back into myself. I cannot wait to share my new ideas with you all! 🐆

I dusted off my first ever cosplay for this year's comic con. Anna Williams from Tekken uses akido as a fighting style with some burlesque vibes. Her signature move is a backhanded smack and a fan dance. ❤

Here's to day one of the 31 days of Halloween ! This year I plan on going to as many haunted houses and shows as possible. I feel like I've seen it all, but having the honor of being around so many horror lovers I have a feeling you may just know an extra thing or two. Any shows or horror attractions I should experience this month? 👹👺 . . 📸@blackroomphoto at @queensinera_vdlp Metal Babes show last month.

Just booked a mini #stargazing hiking, laying around #vacation after being in user experience and content #meetings for what feels like forever. It's ok #dinosaur head, you won't have to worry about me screaming into the void that is you for much longer. 🦖

Spent my weekend with glittered up babes and dancing fiends. My home and 😺 are covered in glitter and I just purchased 5pounds of #epsomsalt. And it's only #sunday morning. #letsgetit 💫 #clubkids #colorful #bts #aboutlastnight #drag

What's TasselMania without the tassels? Here's a secret...I didn't have enough time to apply and let my gorgeous golden tassels dry during my transformation from #commissioner to striptease-combatant and it was one helluva battle between the glue and my skin #backstage. Luckily for me @thesapphirejones lent me her beautiful grey-ish blue pair and saved my life. 💚 . . . #easteregg #wrestler #micdrop #throwbackthursday

Going from FUB Commissioner to superstar in one night was a hell of a ride! Being part of #tasselmania4 was more fun than I could have ever imagined. 🤘 . . . Booms by @hotpartyshow

Putting my best face forward for tonight's striptease-combat entertainment show. There will be matches, fabulosity, story arcs and T&A if you're into that kind of thing. 😉 See you there! Tonight | 7pm @dromnyc. Link in bio for tickets. 🤘 . . . #nomercy #tasselmania4 #fridayfundayout #berrycurly #pineapplehair #vintage

Isn't Commissioner Buxom just the sweetest?! I'm honored to be invited to bring Fighting United Burlesque ( F.U.B ) to the RHP stage this Friday! If you've never experienced the beautiful union of wrestling and burlesque this is your chance! We've got some surprises in store. Tickets are selling out fast. Link in bio. 💚

Take a lucky guess as to where my shiny-look-serving culo will be tonight? 💜

September is filled with interesting projects and some much needed downtime. Here are my showdates so far.❣ . 📍Fri. Sept 6th ushering @houseofyesnyc | #wondershow . . 📍Fri.Sept 13th Introducing F.U.B to the world as it's commissioner for #tasselmania 4 presented by @rabbitholeproductions @dromnyc | $15 | 7pm Link in bio. . . 📍Sun Sept.15th 6pm #plannedparenthood fundraiser event House of Yes . . 📍Thursday Sept.19th Gogo at #houseofyesnyc . . 📍Friday Sept. 20th Special events at House of yes . . 📍Sat. Sept 21 HOY wedding and gogo later on that night

When the BBQ turns into a house party so you decide to wear the picnic blanket.💙#happylaborday

Back to Casa de Si tonight.To be inspired, surrounded by beautiful people, dress up and create good vibes. You know...the youzhe. Tonights show is Red Light Special: A Night Of Urban Burlesque. 💜

#labordayweekend is all about work so this Friday I'll be performing as a tormentor from the second circle of hell for those overcome by lust. A girls gotta have a job #amirite. 💋 . $10 | 8:30pm | @lucky13saloon . 📸 🤘by @rociomarie_ #metalbar #happyhour #performingartist #redonred #horns #dantesinferno

This weekend I got on stage, sung an original song, performed spoken word about body politics followed by a burlesque number. All while being sorrounded by down to earth artist raising money for a good cause. #sundayblues can suck it! 💛

I had Pastie S.D last night after my left pastie fell off @nursebettienyc last week. I've upgraded this act to include tassels and for the first time in a long time I was nervous to perform it. The pasties (last image) stayed put this time and the audience response was incredible! Sometimes it's good to switch things up and keep an act fresh and new. Not just for the audience, but also for yourself. 💛 Thanks to @goldenladyburlesque for having me perform and be your #stagekitten for the night! 💛 . . . #naturalista #headscarf #curlyhairgirl #anaisa #goldengirls #nycdancer

'Blue' and Yellow at @yurbymusic video shoot earlier today. 🌟 . . . 📸 @lightmeupimsayje #naturalista #earthtone