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More clips of PB’s bone thief maneuver Click for more ➡️ #bbpbbonesaga #bbpbshow

Blaze transformation. Top pics are of Jazzy, 8 weeks old and 12 years old. Not a lot of changes. Bottom pics are of PB. Her blaze is getting so much thinner already at 6 months old!

Breakfast routine. 🤪😒 I used to be more regimented with training dogs in the past because they were working dogs. With PB and BB, I am much more relaxed. I want PB to stay goofy and derpy so if she wants to come up with those silly antics, I welcome them! #bbpbshow

Jazzy and Coopie were the best pair I could’ve ever asked for. I prayed for a compatible sibling for BB as she is a bit quirky. I never thought it was possible to find such a perfect sister for her. 💝👭💝

When I’m ready to throw away a loofah, I give it to BB so that she can destroy it. 🧽 #bbandloofah Does your pup like loofahs too?

I take you under my wing tail, baby sister. 🦋👭🦋

Trying to keep her mind busy while she fully recovers from her spay surgery. I’m teaching her to put a specific toy in the box. This teaches her to bring her toy all the way back. (BCs are notorious for bringing a toy back only half way) I also want her to be obsessed with a particular toy to build the toy drive. P.S. Thanks for answering my post surgery poll. Your inputs were helpful. 🙂🙏🏼

Happy tongue out Tuesday from BB&PB 😛🤪

BB PB bone saga continues... #bbpbbonesaga 🐝🦴🐝 #bbpbshow #tbt

Phoebe has such floppy cheeks for a an Aussie/BC. I always wonder what other breeds are in her. My guess is a spaniel. What do you think? 🐶🦊🐻🐼🐰

Training video! Cross paws—Remix. 🐾🐾 This video is #sponsored by @StellaandChewys #stellaandchewys

A few more pics of my beauty and derpy from our beach trip. 😉🤪