FORCE OF NATURE EPISODE #3 BERTIE FORD SHERO - BGDB:COLUMBUS OH #forceofnature "I am Bertie Ford, one of the Sheroes in Columbus, Ohio. I have ridden a bike all my life, as a kid, in college, post college, as a mom with my son attached, then my son and I rode together. It wasn’t until about 10 yrs ago that I became a more serious rider thanks to my neighbor. I started riding my mountain bike with her on her road bike til I broke my ankle. The next year we rode til she broke her foot. Then I met up with friends riding the trails and I upgraded to a hybrid. Riding the hybrid was fine til I joined a black women’s adventure group who rode more seriously and I upgraded to a road bike. In those days I actually spent more of my time running in 5 ks, 10ks, triathlon and 1/2 marathons until 2014. I participated in the Nike women’s half marathon to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, I trained for months and 2 weeks before the event I developed knee pain. I saw my doctor and he did an X-ray, saw nothing but gave me a steroid. After completing in the nike women’s half marathon in DC, I went straight to the medic tent as I ran in pain for 10 of the 13 miles. I was unable to walk for 2 weeks after as I had developed a stress fracture. Two weeks after the marathon I had arthroscopic surgery and was told I had a torn meniscus and an arthritic defect. My running days were over. This was painful to me both mentally and physically. But much to my delight, I had a friend who knew I was in Black Girls Run and she googled to see if there was such a group for cyclists. She brought me a BGDB t-shirt and I was elated as I knew I had a new direction for fitness and energy. I contacted Monica and BGDB Columbus was created. Being a Shero ended my casual cycling which has now become an addiction. I love riding the roads, the trails, feeling so free and in touch with this amazing earth. I love leading and mentoring women cyclists. So blessed for finding BGDB." #bgdb #blackgirlsdobike Are you a #forceofnature? Check back next Monday for another FORCE OF NATURE feature @rei #sponsored
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