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from my current project "The Invisible Border", which portrays life in and around Mejvriskhevi – a small Georgian village in the South Caucasus. The people who are living here are facing the consequences of the war between Russia and Georgia in August of 2008. . . . . #mediumformat #mamiya7 #6x7 #120love #documentaryphotography #splashandgrab #staybrokeshootfilm #colourphotography #burnmagazine #georgiacountry #subjectivelyobjective #photographmag #archivecollectivemag #analogfilm #justifiedmagazine #somewheremagazine #postsoviet #reportagespotlight #phroommagazine

. 无用/Minolta SRT 101/Why U Hatin’ On Me, Old Man?/Kodak Ultramax 400/無用,

Bowling Alley Arcade - Fuji Provia 100

Sam it didn’t hit me until meg gave her maid of honor speech how deeply our childhoods intertwine how much our parents are our parents- yours and mine, mine and yours how much of val and mom you are how you really got their party shenanigan side and have shared it with the world how everything made me cry the full moon, the fireworks that seemed to be just for you, wishing mom were there to see you and the house, my god, mom would have been agape i can’t believe it’s the same house we grew up with everything stunned me to tears sherm walking you down the isle to mustafa val looking at me last night while we danced saying, aw em, weve never danced together before my dad taking photos in his purple shirt and anya helping kira throw flowers down the isle and isaiah chasing kira around during the ceremony in your backyard and all these things i wish mom was alive to see she would’ve been so full of joy, sam, just like we all were and are all these faces of people we grew up with and the feeling like we were carrying on some magical witchy family tradition i don’t know how to explain it but besides all that damn if we didn’t have fun traipsing around pittsford to rounds of applause and horns honking what a stunning bride you are what a night full of incredible people celebrating everything good about the world forever family, @sami_rose_223


sparkly warrior✨ #fujicolorc200

And to bless your Sunday - @quavohuncho Outside @marcjacobs ss20, shot on @polaroid

Walk with @koko.ni.neko . . . #somewheremagazine #bnw #shashin

Walk with @koko.ni.neko . . . #somewheremagazine #bnw #shashin


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Walk with @koko.ni.neko . . . #somewheremagazine #bnw #shashin

HELLO 🌙 This is me 🙋🏼‍♀️ the face behind the camera! I’m sorry to everyone that’s sent me emails or enquiries over the last few days, I’ve been celebrating my 30th birthday on holiday with my family. I’ll get back to you this week. Let me tell you guys a bit about me, alongside my wedding photography I am a travel and lifestyle photographer. This was my main drive and passion when I first got behind a camera. I have not stopped since! I love to explore new places, swim in the ocean, ski mountains and watch Netflix’s. I am slightly weird but have great choice in hats! I have a hat for every occasion - probably a collection of maybe 50! Anyway, this is me - I’m always open to answering questions or giving you guys recommendations so just reach out and slide into my DM’s! Big love x

Tomorrow is our hope at the end of the day

I believe... kind of @london x @kodak


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even at night you can go to the beach


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Railway series. Do you like watching people watching you? . . . . #somewheremagazine #photocinematica #nowherediary #artclassified #streetgrammers #createandcultivate #culture #people #igo

3 0 🥂 thank you for all the amazing birthday messages yesterday! I had the most insane day, we hired a sailing boat at explored La Maddalenas National Park! I’m so sad my wonderful 20’s is over, but I’m so excited what the next decade has to offer. I’ve travelled, partied, lived abroad, met amazing people and started my own dream business! 30 is gonna be a blast, I can’t wait to get stuck in 🙌🏼📸

Il mondo non è roba per gli introversi.

Una vera scultura moderna. 一个真正的现代雕塑。 08/2019 Guangzhou, China

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Is there anything more beautiful than living a simple life in this complex world 🌍


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Rehat. . Life's too long to not know who's got your back, and if you know where to find people that really care about you, your life is just going to get even better 🙏. #myfriendsoninstagram #minimalismscene


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Yesterday a dream came true when I got to film with an incredible crew (and wear a Scorpion!!!). It was an ambitious project for a day but everyone kicked major ass. I wish there was a way I could express all the anxiety, guilt, joy, and adrenaline I've been feeling the last couple days. I could not have asked for a better crew and I couldn't have done it without the help and experience of seasoned professionals willing to donate their time to help me. Austria, Mexico City, Uruguay, India, Thailand, NY, San Fran, Seattle, Virginia, Anchorage, and actual Maine represent. Huge thanks to @filmnikita who extended her stay just to help me AD, to @ellie.mccutcheon who stepped into production manager shoes, to @Sri dharani_ who 2nd AD’d. And to my amazing ACs @vanilano and @fmalpica and lead gaffer @fermintorresecheguia, who also mentored me on set. Thank you to grips and gaffers @thedumbandtheugly, @paul_aenlle. And invaluable production assistants @itsowenweaver and @austin.sherwood. Thank you again to this awesome crew and to the talent, Vanessa Knausse and Lauren Zontini.

Lovely sunset at @villafranciacorta So much attention to details and quality of this amazing product Grazie @cristina_peroni_ 💗 ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #vsco #artofvisuals #natgeoyourshot #theprintswap #magnum #magnumphotos #blogger #natgeowild #somewheremagazine #travelphotography #myfeatureshoot #follow #photography #photographer #natgeotravel #ph #gominimalmag #photooftheday #wine #vino #igersitalia #franciacorta

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How fragile we are 🍁 . . Inspired by @nainagahlaut

Swagger 👁 Can you feel it? Cold wind and white snow ❄️

Lovely moment ❤️

Our day 🌞🕺🏻💃🏻🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏻‍♂️