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Dennis Leupold (@dennisleupold) is a Photographer Followed Jennie (@jennierubyjane ) on Instagram.He is the one who photographed the latest photo of Rihanna for SavageXFenty and Her Harper's Bazaar cover last May 2019. I think he also worked for some Fenty Beuty Campaign since on his website includes Fenty Beauty. #jenniexfenty #jenniexrihanna #rihanna #fenty #blackpink #blackpinkjennie #jennie #jendeukie #jennierubyjane #jenniekim #kimjennie #koreasitgirljennie #koreaitgirljennie #queens #queenjennie #goldenjennie #ace #acejennie

Thank you for the dinner at @drceciliarbernad . It was super fun night with @celeste_cortesi @piawurtzbach ❤️👸🏼 #drcrb #queens #naturallymorebeautiful

Yeah, umm...I don’t think so, bitch 😊 I think you’ll find we actually come as a pair 👯‍♀️💅🏽 • • • #thesimplelife #thesimplelifememes #dailymemes #memesdaily #memes #meme #workmemes #parishilton #nicolerichie #theogs #queens #icons #iconic #doyouloveit #lovesit #loveit #thatshot #worklife #workproblems #work #besties #workwife

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Herzliche Gratulation zur bestandenen Führerprüfung 🤝🎉🚗👑 Bravoo.. @_.eo.__ Danke für dein Vertrauen und eine gute Fahrt. #👑 #führerschein #führerprüfung #bestanden #done #official #driveking #gold #king #queens #fahrschule #dare #pronto #photooftheday #jabitte #hardwork #paysoff #lapiazza #toccodangelo #instagood #goodvibess #positivevibes #thankyou #merci #dank #god #seat #ibiza #white #gng

😎😎😎 hanging out with family @fayrooznyc CREW & friends @ @brik_astoria 🍻🍻🍻always a GOOD TIME WITH GOOD PEOPLES 🎉🎉🎉 #brikastoria #fayrooznyc #queens #ny #goodtimes #blessed #goodvibes #thursdaynight #brikthursdays #freinds #family #summer2019 #september2019

😎😎😎 hanging out with family @fayrooznyc CREW & friends @ @brik_astoria 🍻🍻🍻always a GOOD TIME WITH GOOD PEOPLES 🎉🎉🎉 #brikastoria #fayrooznyc #queens #ny #goodtimes #blessed #goodvibes #thursdaynight #brikthursdays #freinds #family #summer2019 #september2019

😎😎😎 hanging out with family @fayrooznyc CREW & friends @ @brik_astoria 🍻🍻🍻always a GOOD TIME WITH GOOD PEOPLES 🎉🎉🎉 #brikastoria #fayrooznyc #queens #ny #goodtimes #blessed #goodvibes #thursdaynight #brikthursdays #freinds #family #summer2019 #september2019

After a 5 day hiatus I'm back at it. I was certainly missing this part of my daily routine. It's amazing to me how much better I feel in the morning after a workout. #gymlife #gym #sweat #crunch #weightlossjourney #transformation #healthylifestyle #healthy #lifestyle #goals #dedication #determination #mission #dontstop #driven #gains #phase2 #progress #gains #hustle #nopainnogain #crunchlove #crunchlife #nyc #newyork #queensny #queens

Good morning my beautiful ladies, up working on free samples to give away. So tell me which color would you like to receive because the big launch ? #makeupart #makeupartist #mua #beautiful #beautifulcolors #women #colorful #ladies #queens #lips #eyeshadow #eyes #beautybars #facial #face #facemask #working

⋰⋱⋰⋱Good Morning Lovelies! So here I am, no more hiding!😬 I find it much easier to keep working behind the scenes than to be seen but I think it’s so important to be the brand and get a bit more of my personality and my story across each and everytime we speak. I’m such a people person, I can pretty much get on with anyone, I make friends easily and I don’t really lose any friends. Friendship to me is so important♡ I’m a loyal gal and I forgive easily so I’ll have your back no matter what. Hence why I've had the same circle of 10 girlfriends since primary school. I was definitely put here to help & see other females succeed and to nudge them back in track should they need it. That fill me with more joy than anything. After all, us women were put on this earth to rule. Not to be ruled. Men are just here to protect us...let’s not forget that now. We are the motherships and we need to empower each other to ensure this continues as much as possible. We have strong minds and can do unbelievable things - especially when we do it together♔ . So yes, I am working on me, making my mindset even stronger and working harder than ever to connect with ALL of my tribe. I speak with so many of my customers on private messages and get some out of this world feedback (which why I’ve only just started to share on here I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️) but I want to start connecting with you all like this more, as I do believe by just being me, and not hiding, we will become a stronger tribe of friends! My ultimate goal in life....strong loyal friendships! ♡☆♔ . . Have an amazing fridayyyy my lovelies ❤︎ . . . . . . . .

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Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - ALDO💗 TO BE KILLED - SEPT. 21, 2019 PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/Animal/List PLEASE DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME. Aldo needs our help getting his plight out to everyone - about how his life took a turn for the worse & he found himself without his former family & heading to the shelter. A volunteer writes: Roll up, roll up, and wonder at the affectionate antics of the World's Huggiest Dog! He cuddles, he kisses, he charms everyone he meets! Aldo is what we call a 'velcro dog', always wanting to stick as close as possible to his people, & he's not choosy about his friends either. This sweetheart would embrace the whole world given the chance! Any time Aldo's not using his smooshy nose to explore his surroundings you'll find it & him hugged up tight against the nearest person or nuzzled deep into their lap. He simply can't get enough of our love & that welcoming, non-judgmental nature extends to four-legged friends too. He's keen to meet fellow #dogs on walks & has been a wonderfully bouncy teammate in playgroup so a home with energetic #canine siblings would be right up his alley. Due to some sensitivity when it comes to toys--Aldo prefers they stay in his possession--we're recommending he not go to a family with young children who might want to 'share' his things but for almost any other home he'd be a super snuggly dream come true. ALDO@MANHATTAN ACC Aldo #75090 I am a male brindle dog #manhattan ACC 326 East 110 St The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old, 65 lbs Came into shelter as aco impound 9/7/2019 . AT RISK medical reasons. #cirdc contagious other animals & require further care. Behaviorally, Aldo has shown some resource guarding & will benefit from reward based training. MEDICAL NOTES Vet Notes 9/10/2019 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: about 5 years old based on dentition Microchip noted on Intake? Scanned Negative History : Brought in by POLICE Subjective: BAR Observed Behavior - Jumping up on me & wagging tail but growled & tried to bite as I was palpating his maxillary teeth. Tried to bite as muzzle was placed. . . #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #puppy

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - RICKY 💗 TO BE KILLED 9/21/19 ** PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/Animal/List * A $500 stipend will be offered to the New Hope partner that pulls Ricky ** . Charming Sweetie-Pie Ricky! @ BACC! A volunteer writes: He's big...he's beautiful...and oh-so-lovable! I had just met Ricky, but he wiggled into me like I was his new best friend. I think he treats everyone this way because he's been super-friendly & affectionate with all the staff & volunteers he's met...even during his medical exam! Ricky enjoys all kinds of petting, but his absolute favorite seems to be butt-scratches. He breaks out into a happy wiggly dance as his tail sashays back &forth, & thanks me with soft kisses. And when he looks up at me with that big, blocky head & adorable cow-patched face...well, it just melts my heart! Ricky knows the cue for "sit", takes treats gently, & seems to be housebroken, too. I'm so charmed by this big, sweetie-pie pup, & think you will be, too. . MY MOVIE: Ricky 72094 ~ https://youtu.be/yIsqF7H7jZ8 RICKY, ID #72094 3 yrs old, 74 lbs, #brooklyn ACC 2336 Linden Blvd #nyc Large Mixed Breed Cross, White / Brown Male, Stray Intake Shelter Assessment Rating: LEVEL 2 No young children (under 5) Medical Behavior Rating: Green INTAKE PROFILE - BASIC INFO: unaltered male. He was surrendered to BACC as a STRAY . Ricky was friendly & allowed handling by strangers. Ricky does not show ressource guarding behavior & has no known bite history. He is said to be not housetrained & his energy level is described as medium. Has this dog ever had any medical issues? No INTAKE NOTES – 08-09-19: Upon intake Ricky had a loose body language and had a wiggling tail when the counselor approach. Counselor was able to collar and take a photo. AT RISK for behavior & medical concerns. Due to Ricky's overall anxiety & observed resource guarding, best for him to be placed in a stable home environment with no young children to ensure his success. He has been observed to show resource guarding behaviors @ ACC DIAGNOSED with #cirdc that has developed into PNEUMONIA will NEED follow up care. . . #foster #adopt #rescue #cute

Queens 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾 painting queens at my first sip and paint!! 🍷🎨 #art #artist #queens #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlswhopaint #create #inspire #creativity

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - RICHIE 💗 TO BE KILLED – 9/21/2019 PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/Animal/List He’s playful, fun, goofy & incredibly sweet, RITCHIE has all the volunteers wrapped around his paws. It’s a given he’s handsome – movie star good looks & a smile that would light up the darkest day. But beyond that he is also affectionate – he loves to give kisses & hugs & belly rubs from his human friends. He wants so much to please, & he just adores being close, following his human friends around, looking up to be sure they are having as much fun as he is & hoping for a “good boy” or a treat. We just adore this happy go lucky boy who has the optimism of a #puppy & is just as playful. A smitten volunteer writes: “Richie is in for the fun! Playful &energetic, this handsome guy loves to play tug, chase tennis balls & otherwise goof around with his human friends. While taking him out to play, Richie was very RESPECTFUL with the neighboring dog, his tail going full helicopter mode. Richie could brush up on his leash walking skills, but with a little bit of coaching, he will become as good a leash walker as he is a ball chaser in no time! Richie is not only super HANDSOME & playful, he also loves to get back rubs, belly rubs, & show you how well he knows the sit command, preferably in exchange for a treat. With Richie by your side, heads are turning constantly telling you what a handsome stunner he is. The all around perfect companion. WATCH MY MOVIE! Ritchie ; whole package – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0E_HmyCsnM . RITCHIE, ID #74322 4 Yrs. old, 62 lbs., Neutered Male #manhattan ACC 326 East 110 St. Large Mixed Breed, Black / Tan I came to the shelter as an ACO Impound, 8/29/2019 SHELTER ASSESSMENT RATING: Level 2 Medical Behavior Rating: 2. Blue . AT RISK MEMO: medical reasons. #cirdc contagious animals; require further care. Behaviorally, Richie quickly becomes overstimulated & would benefit from reward based training. Behavior Condition: 2. Blue Behavior History & Assessment Dog is actively friendly & allows handling. Observed Behavior - Wagging tail & jumping . #foster #adopt #rescue

Meeting you and getting to know you is one of my best decisions i have taken. Thank you for showing me more love sexy Gyal but the most important of it all is, I want to wish you a happy birthday. I wish for you a healthy life, success, prosperity and long life. Ich liebe dich meine schatz 🖤❣️❤️🇬🇭 @carlazoes . . . #nyamenaose #levelup💯 #seasideking #busua #africa #ghana #kings #queens #bbccfoundation #busuabeach

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - MIA💗 TO BE KILLED 9/21/19 PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/Animal/List Mama Mia, How Can You Resist Her?! Meet This Gorgeous Gray Girl! Gentle, low key, sweet as sugar MIA has the saddest eyes we’ve ever seen. Maybe it is because she has waited for the veterinary care she apparently never received. She has what appears to be a growth on her left front paw, and her nails are long and overgrown. . Don’t overlook this shyly sweet lady, . She is so lovable. A volunteer writes: So cute! So silver! Such a classic white front spot & pink ears! This gorgeous pup is @ BACC to shake your paw & earn those treats! Her former humans describe her as friendly and outgoing with strangers and friends; relaxed and playful with kids, and super affectionate with a fun, high level of energy. Mia is the kind of pup who wants to walk (or run!) by your side for a hundred years. Oh, & like all the best pups, she is house-trained! She will follow her favorite humans all around the house, & relishes a good game of fetch. She loves to hang out in the yard, preferring it to any crate for sure. Mia's ideal home would be one in which she is the only dog, with humans over the age of five. MY MOVIES: Mia- Sweetheart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_KkcUWh8ls Mia plays in the water https://youtu.be/Ih8nmdSxToE MIA, ID #63195 5 yrs, 76 lbs, Unaltered Female #brooklyn ACC, 2336 Linden Boulevard #nyc Large Mixed Breed, Gray / White Owner Surrender Reason: owner is unable to care for her anymore Shelter Assessment Rating: LEVEL 2 No young children (under 5) Single-pet home Recommend no dog parks Medical Behavior Rating: AT RISK medical reasons. The mass on her left foot has become ulcertaed &is intermittenly bleeding. Mia has also lost significant weight. She will benefit from placement out of ACC ASAP . Mia was diagnosed with dental disease & dermatitis. Behaviorally, Mia got a level 2 on her behavior assessment but is showing signs of behavior deterioration. OWNER SURRENDER NOTES - BASIC INFO Previously lived with:: 3 adults & 2 children : Mia is friendly & outgoing towards strangers. #foster #adopt #rescue #puppy

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - COBY💗 TO BE KILLED - SEPT. 21, 2019 RESCUE ONLY I NEED LOVE LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. If you are ever even lucky enough to be blessed to still have your four legged friend when he or she reaches the age of 15 you better not be dumping him/her off anywhere but in a super comfy, cozy & warm #doggybed right next to your feet. Dumping your #seniorpet off at a shelter is not cool. Coby is 15 years old and cooped up in a cold metal cage at a kill shelter, surrounded by strangers & other terrified and abandoned former family members that don't know whats going to happen to them. It's a sad situation but there's something we can all do to try to make a happy ending for Coby. Take a look at his adorable frosted face. #savecody COBY@BROOKLYN ACC Coby #75416 I am a male #blackdog #brooklyn ACC 2336 Linden Boulevard #nyc The shelter thinks I am about 15 years old, 51 lbs Came into the shelter as owner surrender 9/10/2019 Reason Stated: MOVING AT RISK due to behavioral concerns; Although he has shown improvement, Coby has been observed to rapidly escalate to threatening behavior when stressed or uncomfortable. As a result of these observations, best set up to succeed ; an experienced rescue partner who can help manage these behaviors & allow him to acclimate & decompress at his own pace, before reassessing his behavior in a more stable environment. Coby was diagnosed with Dermatitis & Fleas. Mmedical notes Weight: 51.6 lbs Medical Assistant Vet Notes 9/11/2019 [Spay/Neuter Waiver - Permanent] veterinarians are issuing a PERMANENT waiver from the spay/neuter requirements of the City of #ny due to being 15 years old. Basic info He was given as a gift 15 years ago. Owner stated he is healthy & doesn't have any health concerns. Previously lived with:: Adults Owner stated Coby is friendly/ outgoing towards any one who come to the household. Coby has been around children all ages & is relaxed & playful. Coby has been around other dogs throughout his life & owner stated he is relaxed & playful towards them. Coby is respectful towards cats he sees in the street. #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #puppy

LAGOS! The Biggest Night Of Beauty Is Coming to Your City... 💃💃 Who Becomes the 5th MOST BEAUTIFUL QUEEN IN NIGERIA? #mbqn #5thedition Event will feature an array of scripted activities with great entertainment. 👏👏 You have to be present to witness this moments #roadtombqn2019 #whowearsthecrown Date: 27th October 2019 Venue: Lagos Oriental Hotel Redcarpet: 6pm For Enquiries: 08081091083 @mostbeautifulqueeninnigeria #lagosnigeria #pageant #october #event #hosting #stars #platform #media #queens #ladies #crown

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - CARDI B💗 TO BE KILLED - SEPT. 21, 2019 RESCUE ONLY A bright ray of sunshine, a brown eyed girl with a mocha nose and warm disposition best describe Cardi B. A seasoned girl who allowed all handling during her medical exam, sought attention from staff, and described as affectionate. A girl who enjoys making friends, often found with a soothing smile complemented with an enormous roll out red carpet tongue. Cardi is an experienced family pet, who wishes to celebrate the second half of her life with a special home. Her zesty colored coat, down to earth temperament, and honest smile are just part of her charm. Cardi knows what being let down by loved ones is like, yet she remains positive and hopeful, this makes her so deserving. We are so hoping to find her smiling as she exits the building to safety . CARDI B@MANHATTAN ACC Cardi B #75568 I am a female tan dog #manhattan ACC 326 East 110 St. New York, #ny 10029 The shelter thinks I am about 7 years old, 60 lbs Came into shelter as a agency 9/11/2019 AT RISK for behavioral reasons. Cardi B has displayed resource guarding @ ACC and in the previous home environment. Cardi B best suited for placement with a new hope partner ; provide the necessary behavior modification. Medically Cardi B seems healthy. My medical notes are... Weight: 60 lbs Vet Notes 9/13/2019 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 7yr Microchip noted on Intake? no History : owner surrender Subjective: BARH, friendly Observed Behavior - solicits affection, allows handling for physical exam Evidence of Cruelty seen - no Evidence of Trauma seen - no EENT: Eyes clear, ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam: moderate to severe dental disease U/G: prominent symmetrical bilateral mammary glands caudally, no spay scar Behavior Cardi B continuously barked at people as they walked by her. How is this dog around strangers?: Dog did not like to be approached by staff. #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #doglovers #furbaby #dogoftheday #instadog #doggie

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - TONKA💗 TO BE KILLED – 9/21/2019 RESCUE ONLY She was abandoned at her doggy daycare.... She probably entered the daycare that morning with her tail wagging happily, adoringly looking up at her parent and eager to enjoy her day. But at the end of her day, while she patiently sat with the other dogs and waited for her parent, only HER parent never came. And that’s when the descent into her nightmare began. TONKA is a big girl, 129 lbs of brindle beauty, and she is young, at barely 3 years old (and she could be younger!). She is a sensitive soul, and she dearly misses the family who didn’t deserve her love and loyalty. Overwhelmed in the scary shelter, frightened of the strange faces, the strange smells, and the multitude of barking dogs who surround her, she sits --- huddling, shaking, at the back of her kennel, nursing her broken heart, afraid to trust. Sshe desperately needs an EXPERIENCED foster or #adopter who can give her back her smile. Due to her size, and her shy timidity, Tonka will need a calm, quiet, structured adult only home (no kids under Age 13). . . TONKA, ID #74866 3 Yrs. old, 129 lbs., Spayed Female #manhattan ACC 326 East 110 St. New York, #ny 10029 X-Large Mixed Breed, Brown Brindle I came to the shelter as an ACO Impound, 9/4/2019 SHELTER ASSESSMENT RATING: New Hope Rescue Only Medical Behavior Rating: 2. BLUE (good!) . AT RISK MEMO: behavior, New Hope Only determination. Tonka has a previous bite history to a person @ ACC has shown potential for defensive aggression. We would recommend Tonka go to an adult only environment prepared to manage behavior. Medically there are NO CONCERNS at this time but recommended weight loss. History : Abandoned at dog day care; pt bit one of the employees Subjective: Alert, walks well on leash Observed Behavior - Slightly tense, moves slowly. Easy to muzzle. Pt did not resist treatments although she did pee when the handler leaned over her. #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #doglovers #adoptme #rescueme #dogoftheday

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - MITCH💓 TO BE KILLED 9/21/19 PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE . A magnificent study in pewter, MITCH is a happy, bouncy, friendly & playful youngster. He is making the most of playtime with his new friends, the volunteers, and he is innocent of the ways of the world & that his life is in terrible danger . Will you step in to save his life? He’s a GEM of a dog, with an ever present smile, & a propensity for hugs & kisses. . . MITCH, ID #64012 2 yrs old, 54.6 lbs, Unaltered Male #manhattan ACC, 326 East 110 St. New York, #ny 10029 Large Mixed Breed, Gray / White Return (was returned to owner 6/1/19) I came into the shelter as a owner surrender on 8/9/2019, surrender reason stated as person circumstance- landlord won't allow (nycha) . . Behavior History: It seems like Mitch allowed all handling, he allowed counselors to collar. Spay/Neuter Status: Neutered Previously lived with:: 3 adluts Said Mitch is great around strangers. Mitch is great with kids from the ages of 4-7. does not do well around dogs, starts to bark. NOT known how Mitch his around cats. Resource guarding:: Mitch isn't bothered when toys, treats, food are taken away. Mitch isn't bothered while showering as well while sleeping. NO known bite history. Housetrained:: Yes Energy level/descriptors:: Very High Other Notes:: Mitch does not pull or tug unless there is another dog around him. It is said when unfamiliar people approach his home or while on a walk he is friendly. Has this dog ever had any medical issues?: No For a New Family to Know: Mitch is a great dog. He loves the squishy toy and loves to play tug of war. favorite treats are beacon strips. Mitch loves to eat hard food twice a day. Mitch is not crate trained. When Mitch is left alone he is great and does not destroy the house was AT RISK #cirdc Behaviorally, overstimulated AT RISK now for behavioral reasons. Mitch has deteriorated during his stay @ ACC and has displayed a low threshold for arousal as well as reactivity toward other dogs. best suited adopter prepared to offer some behavior modification. Medically, Mitch seems healthy. #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #puppy

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - She didn't get rescued HONEY💗 TO BE KILLED - 9/21/2019 RESCUE ONLY . Looking for a special face with whimsical ears, wrapped in a wee package of 35 lbs? Honey, clearly named for her sweet disposition, is the cure for any blues. She is immensely playful, adores toys, seeks attention & affection and always found with a smile. Very young, vibrant & astute. Her richly colored coat, smoldering smokey eyes and ears which take on a life of their own make her the most noticeable in a group. She previously lived with CHILDREN & CATS . Surrendered with ADMIRABLE notes, & easily attracting love & attention at the shelter. With a little leash guidance & structure, she defines the perfect companion pet. Given just 10 days at the shelter (whom describes her as highly social) . Who ever would destroy such a bright little light? Honey shows love, enthusiasm & friendship to all. . HONEY@MANHATTAN ACC Honey #70953 I am a desexed female brown dog #manhattan ACC The shelter thinks I am about 1 years 1 months old, 35 lbs Came into shelter as a return 8/23/2019 . AT RISK for behavioral reasons. Honey has displayed a low threshold for arousal with the potential to become a bite risk & is difficult to redirect. Honey best suited for placement with a new hope partner ; provide the necessary behavior modification. Medically, Honey seems healthy. medical notes Weight: 35 lbs Vet Notes Post Surgery Note 8/3/2019 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 1-2 years Microchip noted on Intake? No History : Brought in by the POLICE. Subjective: BAR Observed Behavior -Very hyper and extremely leash reactive. Wagging her tail and taking treats but hyper and jumping up. No growling, lunging or biting. Evidence of Cruelty or Trauma seen -No Behavior upon intake Honey was very rope reactive. When trying to redirect she would focus on something for a few seconds then lash back on to the leash. Counselor was able to scan for a microchip and collar no issues. Date of Intake: 8/23/2019 surrendered " behavioral concerns. Previously lived with:: 2 adults, 1 child, 2 cats #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #doglovers #adopt

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - JAMESON💗 TO BE KILLED 9/21/19 RESCUE ONLY JAMESON IS BACK AT THE SHELTER. HIS FOSTER CARE ENDED. JAMESON THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY - NEUTERED & READY TO GO! A staff member writes; Hi there friends! I'm Jameson! I'm a 5 year young, enthusiastic, highly social boy ready to be your social butterfly! As much as I love the staff, food and long lasting chews they give me, I'm ready to find my human! Behavior staff here says I would do best in a single pet home at this time, but other than that, I can live with anyone, and I am ready. Could that be you? JAMESON, ID #71655 5 yrs old, 60 lbs, #manhattan ACC Large Mixed Breed Cross, Tan / White Neutered Male Owner Surrender Reason: Shelter Assessment Rating: LEVEL 1 Single-pet home Recommend no dog parks Medical Behavior Rating: Green History : Found abandoned tied in garage Subjective: BAR Observed Behavior - Wagging tail and approaching everyone in room. Easily distracted with food. BEHAVIOR NOTES Means of surrender Stray SAFER ASSESSMENT: 6-Aug-2019 BEHAVIOR: Summary: Leash Walking Strength and pulling: None Reactivity to humans: None Reactivity to dogs: None Leash walking comments: None Sociability Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Highly social Call over: Approaches readily Sociability comments: Body soft, stays by assessor Soft handling: Accepts contact Exuberant handling: Accepts contact Handling comments: Body soft, stands still PLAYGROUP NOTES - DOG TO DOG SUMMARIES: 8/6: When introduced off leash to the female greeter dog, Jameson greets politely. He later attempts to mount. 8/7: Jameson lunges and growls immediately upon introduction to the female helper dog. AT RISK for behavioral reasons. Jameson has a bite history and has displayed reactivity toward other dogs. Jameson best suited for placement with a new hope partner that can provide the necessary behavior modification & management. Medically, Jameson has an ear condition which may need some further care. #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs

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Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - PINKY💗 TO BE KILLED - SEPT. 21, 2019 RESCUE ONLY Sometimes life gives you a second chance, or even two! Not always, but sometimes. It's what you do with those second chances that counts - Dave Wilson With a gorgeous white coat and big floppy black ears, Pinky is definitely something to talk about. He's absolutely gorgeous with his unique coloring and compact body. Pinky has been surrendered to Manhattan shelter because he had a little problem in his former home. However, other than that single incident, Pinky's family said he has been doing great as a family dog. Needs awesome new family who will love him unconditionally and provide him with the training and patience needed for success. PINKY@MANHATTAN ACC Pinky #74382 I am a male white dog #manhattan ACC The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old, 46 lbs Came into shelter as owner surrender 8/30/2019 Reason Stated: Animal Behavior - not good with kids AT RISK behavioral &medical reasons. Pinky has a bite history ;best placed with a new hope partner ; provide further behavioral assessment and behavior modification. Medically, #cirdc My medical notes are... Weight: 46 lbs Vet Notes 9/3/2019 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 3 to 5 years old based on behavior and owner history Microchip noted on Intake? Scanned negative History : Surrendered by owner because bit 13 yr old child once. Subjective: BAR, coughing Observed Behavior - Wagging tail, seeking attention Evidence of Cruelty or Trauma seen - No Behavior Condition: 1. Green Behavior History Assessment while in shelter we were able to take photo and has great kennel presence. Basic Infor:: Previously lived with:: 2 adults 2 children Pinky is friendly and seeks attention.around strangers. Other than the incident that occurred on 8/27/19. Pinky was very friendly towards children. How is this dog around other DOG and cats:Unknown No resource guarding Bite history:: 1 bite history on 8/27/19 Housetrained:: Yes Energy level/descriptors:: High No medical concerns For a New Family to Know: He is very friendly and loves attention. Plays with tennis balls and other squeaky toys. #foster #adopt #rescue #puppy

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - BOSTON💗 TO BE KILLED – 9/21/2019 RESCUE ONLY Playful, wiggly social and sweet, BOSTON is a youngster who just wants to be around people. With his adorable mug, his brindle coat, and his eyes that just beg you to “please throw the ball” we can’t just can’t resist him. He is so eager to engage in some games with his friends at the shelter, & though he could benefit from some leash manners, he is both treat and toy driven so some dedication to teaching him “drop it, leave it” and also “down stay” and “place” would help him to redirect his youthful, misdirected enthusiasm in a positive way. These are essential commands for any dog. Putting your pup in a “down stay” allows them the time to decompress, calm down, and learn to relax in place. Boston is just a young kid, and he tries so hard. He truly deserves a chance with an experienced foster or adopter who can provide him the structured, quiet home where he can decompress and learn his “big boy skills.” Due to his jumpiness, he needs a home where there are no children under Age 13. BOSTON, ID #75521 3 Yrs. old, 65.8 lbs., Unaltered Male #brooklyn ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Brown Brindle / White I came to the shelter as an ACO Impound, 9/11/2019 SHELTER ASSESSMENT RATING: New Hope Rescue Only Medical Behavior Rating: 3. Yellow AT RISK NOTE: Boston rapidly escalates to mouthing toward the handler's forearms and leash and when aroused and his lack of bite inhibition resulted in nipping the handler's leg leaving a bruise. As a result of these observations, as well as his initial fixation and hard barking toward staff when uncomfortable, we feel Boston would be best set up to succeed if placed with an experienced rescue partner ;help manage these behaviors in a stable, home environment and reassess him prior to seeking permanent placement. Boston was diagnosed with CIRDC and Otitis Chronic. SHELTER ASSESSMENT SUMMARIES Leash Walking Strength and pulling: Moderate pulling Reactivity to humans: None Reactivity to dogs: None #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #doglovers

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - XENA💗 TO BE KILLED - SEPT. 21, 2019 PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/Animal/List "PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY SECOND CHANCE." :' A Staff Member Writes: Xena is a beautiful 2 year old little lady. Life will never be boring with this Girl. She has such a friendly attitude and will always greet you with a wagging tail. She just needs someone who will take the time to bring out that wonderful personality of hers. Xena needs that calm and quiet individual who wants to help this little lady find her safe space and become the sassy fun lovin girl we all know that is in her. XENA@MANHATTAN ACC Xena #75059 I am a female brown brindle dog #manhattan ACC The shelter thinks I am about 2 years old, 63 lbs Came into shelter as a stray 9/7/2019 AT RISK for medical reasons. #cirdc which is contagious to other animals and will require further care. Xena also presented with bite wounds of unknown origin during the medical exam and will need to be on a 6 month observation. Behaviorally, Xena has shown some touch and handling sensitivities and will benefit from a slow approach. My medical notes are... Weight: 63 lbs L V T Notes Vet Notes 9/7/2019 [LVT Intake Exam] Microchip Scan: Negative Evidence of Cruelty: No Observed Behavior: Friendly at first, did not do well with restraint (growling). Otherwise friendly Sex: F/I Estimated Age: 2yrs Subjective: Stray Skin: Mild dermatitis, Preliminary Assessment: Dermatitis, overweight Plan: DVM intake...RV As per Dr. 1658 ok to schedule for dvm exam 9/10 to check skin Details on my behavior are... Behavior Condition: 2. Blue Behavior History Behavior Assessment Upon intake, this dog was friendly and allowed all handling. Basic Information:: This dog was found as a stray so we have no information about how she would be in a home setting. ================= #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #doglovers

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - MISSY JAY💗 TO BE KILLED - SEPT. 21, 2019 RESCUE ONLY USED TO MAKE BABIES FOR PROFIT, LETS END A LIFETIME OF LONELINESS AND NEGLECT FOR LITTLE MISSY JAY : Missy Jay was brought in by POLICE , too thin and lactating and lacking puppies as well. Obviously she recently had a home and someone has her puppies but didnt care enough about this poor little girl to keep her out of harms way or feed her to keep her nourished. And as if that isn't bad enough, the shelter has given her there nasty little cold that can be resolved with medication and consistent fresh air. Missy has been used, neglected and kicked to the curb and we want to make sure that was the last time this little girl is treated so poorly. Please help us share her like crazy in hopes of catching the eye and heart of an awesome foster or adopter. . MISSY JAY@MANHATTAN ACC Missy Jay #75179 I am a female #blackdog @Manhattan ACC The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old, 40 lbs Came into shelter as a stray 9/8/2019 . AT RISK for behavioral and medical reasons. Missy Jay has a history of biting another dog and has remained fearful in the ACC . Missy Jay would be best suited for placement with a new hope partner that can provide the necessary behavior modification and management. Medically, Missy Jay was diagnosed #cirdc which is contagious to other animals and will require further care. My medical notes are... Weight: 40 lbs Vet Notes 9/10/2019 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 2 to 3 years old based on dentition Microchip noted on Intake? Scanned negative History : Stray dog brought in by police Subjective: BAR Observed Behavior - Whale eye but likes hotdogs. Evidence of Cruelty seen - None Evidence of Trauma seen - None Assessment 1. Vaginal discharge appears reasonable post whelping 2. Lactating 3. Focal alopecia r/o trauma 4. Heart murmur r/o physiologic due to stress and thin body condition Prognosis: Good Date of Intake: 9/8/2019 Basic Information:: The dog was nervous at first but given treats and sometime she dog was able to calm down. allowed handling and pet on the body #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #doglovers

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - FIFI💗 TO BE KILLED – 9/21/2019 RESCUE ONLY She built her life and her world around him, this man who picked her out of a crowd of tiny puppies because she looked him straight in the eye and raced to him for a cuddle. That was 5 long years ago, and FIFI has been loyal, protective, and devoted to her “dad” because dogs, unlike humans, know what it means to be committed to someone for all their life. But her parent apparently didn’t share her commitment, or her loyalty, or her devotion. When he decided to move away, he dumped her at the kill shelter, and then he walked away. FIFI is trying, but her heart is broken. She has never known many people, she has not lived with or played with other dogs, and she never has been near children or a cat. She had only him, and now he is gone. Fifi NEEDS experienced foster or adopter ADULT ONLY home (no kids under Age 13). . FIFI, ID #75759 5 Yrs. old, 64 lbs., Unaltered Female #brooklyn ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Brown / White Owner Surrender Reason: 9/14, Owner Moving SHELTER ASSESSMENT RATING: New Hope Rescue Only Medical Behavior Rating: AT RISK NOTE: Although she has shown significant improvement since her medical exam, Fifi continues to exhibit anxious behavior when interacting with staff and reactivity toward novel dogs. Due to these observations, coupled with her reported resource guarding and bite history, we feel she would be best set up to succeed if placed with an experienced rescue partner who can allow her to acclimate and decompress at her own pace, prior to reassessing his behavior in a more stable environment and seeking permanent placement. Fifi is otherwise healthy. INTAKE NOTES – 9/14/2019: Upon intake, Fifi was jumping up and down and slightly nervous (did not settle, was looking around a lot) She kept her distance from counselor. Because the owner stated she was shy around strangers, counselor had the owner do the handling of the dog and also had him put the dogs collar on. Fifi was generally aroused, and seemed nervous #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #doglovers #furbaby #dogoftheday #instadog #dogsoninsta

Reposted from @erindogovich (@get_regrann) - SAMMY💗 *** To Be KILLED 9/21/19 in NYC *** . RESCUE ONLY This adorable little Yorkie nugget is Sammy, a precious little Golden Boy waiting for YOU to SAVE his LIFE. Found as a stray, following someone home, this darling little guy is said to be 14 YEARS young, just 12 lbs, frightened at the shelter & therefore rescue-only meaning you have to apply with rescues to #foster or #adopt him. PLEASE, DO! APPLY NOW but ** HURRY ** ✔Pledge ✔Tag ✔Share ✔FOSTER ✔ADOPT ✔Save a life Sammy #73083 Small Mixed Breed Sex male Age 14 yrs (approx.) - 12 lbs My health has been checked. My vaccinations & My worming is up to date. I have been micro-chipped. #manhattan NY ACC. FOUND Location Astor and Tenbroeck - Residential area BRONX, 10469 Date Found 8/18/2019 Basic Information:: Client came in with out & appointment to surrender a small male dog she found on Astor & Tenbroeck - Residential area. She was walking home from work & Sammy started following her. She thought it strange & picked him up & started asking around the neighborhood if they knew who Sammy belonged to. With no luck she brought him in to us. BEHAVIOR: Sammy allowed to be collared & leashed. When picked up he displayed discomfort & would snip at you but as a warning. No skin contact. Bite (NIP) history:: Sammy nipped a staff member at the ACC who surprised him when he approached. The nip was to the staff member's hand & resulted in two scratches & a puncture. When introduced to other DOGS of leash keeps to himself & explores the yard AT RISK behavioral & medical reasons. Behaviorally, Sammy has a bite history & has remained fearful @ ACC Sammy best suited for placement ; new hope partner ;provide the necessary behavioral modification/management. Medically,Sammy is a senior dog with underlying medical concerns ;recommended for further veterinary consultation. Assessment senior dog with issues associated with advanced age marked dental disease NSOU Prognosis: fair Plan: consider sedating - grooming needs dental treatment retained testicle is more prone to tumor development #foster #adopt #rescue #cutedogs #pups #iheartdogs #ilovedogs #doglove

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