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View from Jamestown bridge ⛵ / #teampixel

bye Chengdu 👋

Nature blossoms.

A riconoscere le stelle Sempre uguali sempre quelle Dall’equatore al polo nord

been a lazy photographer

💙☀️ Happy Friday ☀️💙

[take your silver spoon, dig your grave]

Best sunset ⛅

A Tenerife, j’ai fait le tour de l’île sur deux jours. La première étape fut la plage de Benijo. Malgré un peu de foule, cette plage au sable fin est splendide. Des l’arrivée en haut des escaliers qui mènent à la crique, la vue a couper le souffle. • • • • #aintbad #alifeofadventure #exploremore #lesexploratrices #gominimalmag #instatravel #ig_travels #lesfrancaisvoyagent #lonelyplanetfr #oldtonecollective #somewheretravel #travelphotography #travelphoto #travelblog #voyageursdumonde #worldtraveler #canarias #visit_spain #tenerife


s c o o t e r

Qui connait Gerberoy parmi vous? Ce village, situé au cœur de l'Oise, a été un coup de cœur sur notre trajet retour du salon des blogueurs de voyage à Lille! On vous le recommande ☺️

I’ve been slacking on posting pictures from my roadtrip to California but here’s a waterfall to make up for it! So far I’ve been keeping with tradition in terms of birthday hikes and this years was to Vernal Falls in #yosemite. I’ll tell you, many times I wanted to turn around and try an easier trail but I’m glad we didn’t. The view was definitely worth it.

. i’m just a memory and a memory quickly fades then it’s forgotten that’s how it is . . .

Santhosh DM D

1969-12-31 16:00:00


Had to freeze this moment.

. come to me let me smell your scent i’ve waited far too long my bones are frail and fragile take my heart i’ve felt everything that’s left to feel take my eyes i’ve seen everything worth to see take my wooden mask of soul take my ears i’ve heard everything that’s left to hear take my mouth i’ve said everything worth to say take my wooden mask of soul to be free again . . .


Be your most authentic self.

Kekeno | Once a rare sight around New Zealand’s coasts due to hunting, New Zealand fur seals are making a noticeable comeback. This little guy was one of ten I spotted on a walk around the Mount.

Mary Funk

1969-12-31 16:00:00

Weekend plans? 🤷🏻‍♀️

If God exists, she's weeping.

The sunset always comes back but never the same.

And you lose yourself, hallucinating as though you're the darkness trying to escape into the light because you've created different versions of yourself that you can't seem to face.

How does it make you feel?

I can't do this, I thought. Then: And even if I can't, I have to.

Does it yell out loud when it gets angry?

"I have to let go but sometimes I find myself waking up at the beach again." - Yuna

Trying to find myself in a world gone blue...

The sky is so full of life, screaming colors at us everyday and we have no clue.

I keep getting these waves of nostalgia as the sky illuminates all of the darkest places within me.

Living in a world painted in darkness...

Even my soul is trying to escape because freedom feels better...

I admire your spirit too much to let it be clouded by my darkness...

I've been trying to dig my way out of the ocean and punch a hole in the sky.

I'll still love your garden even with no flowers.

But only love can kill and keep you alive to feel it...

Fragile like a bomb...