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Art con entry for @nervospisica and @cqtart --- Lol i tried to make it look like the flame on the tail was the only source of light --- #nervostartac1 #digitalart #art #artcontest

1/3 of my entries for #nervostartac1 !!! this looks really gross 🙃

repost <> Rules: | ° no copying, tracing, or highly referencing someone else's art. ° good sportsmanship. ° unlimited entries but we suggest quality over quantity. ° must draw 2 our characters(animal or humans). ° Must follow both @cqtart & @nervospisica ° no complaining if you don't win please. | Hashtags & End date: - #nervostartac1 - December 1st 2017

🎃Bloody Rain🎃 Art con entry for #nervostartac1 hosted by @cqtart and @nervospisica This is my second entry because I need an exude to actually draw good Halloween stuff And yes, there are wearing pumpkins on their head :‘)

🔥This Tail Looks Like Crap🔥 Art con entry for #nervostartac1 hosted by @nervospisica and @cqtart I honestly really love this it looks so cute! Just the tail, its just full crap