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When the moment's just right and you take too many pictures, it's hard to know which one to post. • • • COLOUR Camera: Konica T3 Lens: Konica Hexanon 28mm Film: Fuji Velvia 50 BLACK AND WHITE Camera: Canon ML Lens: built-in Canon 40mm F1.9 Film: Fomapan 200 Developer: Rodinal • • • #bcferries #sunset #portrait #portraitphotography #konica #konicat3 #canonml #hexanon #lensflare

@selenaforrest after @tomford by @jc.cerilla

if you put in the work, the results will come. all taken with #makina67 shot on #portra160


11 Minutes Ago

하늘과 빛이 이쁜날은 어쩔 수 없이 필름 과소비🎞 . #leicac1 #후지오토오토

throwback ... Mamiya 7 / Pro400H expired god knows when 😀

Happy Birth Day cô người yêu "bé nhỏ". . #rolleicordv #fuji160ns


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Genji City Heights, San Diego, CA 2019


17 Minutes Ago

Songs of Solitude. Lisbon, Portugal. Mamiya 645. TriX 400. Don’t ask technical details, I don’t remember. Hey look, a film picture. I’ve finally got my scanner up and running so I can scan photos from the last couple years. There are also quite a few rolls that I need to get developed. I don’t actually have this camera anymore cause the prism broke and I hate shooting with waste level finders so I gave it to a friend. Hoping that he’s enjoying it. More to come. #film #filmisalive #filmphotography


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Come Chill

🌄 • Photo by Asadawut soyphet • #kodakultramax400 • Dev @korfilmlab

One of the best live guitarists I've ever seen. Mathais Farm from @millencolin I waited about 19 years to see this band and they did not disappoint. . . 📷- Canon Rebel G 🎞️- Kodak Portra 400 ( pushed to 4000) . #canon #canonrebelg #35mmfilm #35mmfilmphotography #kodakfilm #kodakportra400 #livemusic #livemusicphotography #keepfilmalive #filmisalive #neumos #colorphoto #colorphotography #sharefilm #doyoudevelop

Bản thân tớ là một người nhạy cảm, nói thế này có khi lại ối người cười mất tại tớ chả bao giò thể hiện điều đó ra. Tớ đã băn khoăn rất nhiều lần trước khi đăng cái này, trước khi đánh cái này, thậm chí đã sửa nhiều lần trong ghi chú vì cảm giác mọi thứ tớ đánh ra sẽ bị đánh giá. Một lần tớ share trên fb về việc một người nhạy cảm là như thế nào và một người bạn đã ib kiểu: m mà nhạy cảm á, sao m cứ share mấy cái này thế ? Mình kiểu bị khó chịu xong tự nhiên suy nghĩ nhiều. Rồi mình chả muốn đăng những thứ kiểu này lên vì sợ nhiều người nói, bảo mình làm bộ, thích gây chú ý,.. Bản thân mình từng khuyên nhủ nhiều người đừng quan tâm lời đám đông nói nhưng chính mình là người để tâm nhiều nhất. Chỉ là giờ sắp 17 rồi mong bản thân sẽ bớt quan tâm đám đông và sống tự tin hơn...

Pink Balloons 🎈 w/ @noellevictoria Shot with #pentaxk1000 #35mm

. . . . .멈츄어버뤼이인~ .시가아안 속에~🎶 . . 📷 Leica M3 🏷 Kodak Portra 400

“Xương rồng không có vẻ đẹp rực rỡ kiêu sa, nhưng sức thu hút của nó đến từ những thân cây mọng nước kiên cường, có thể chịu hạn hán hay lạnh buốt, mọc lên được từ những nơi khô cằn nhất.” Mùa hanh khô như này mà xương rồng không cần thoa kem 🧴 dưỡng ẩm. Khâm phục! —————————— #keepfilmalive #filmart #filmphoto #ishootfilm #filmcamera #filmforever #filmcommunity #shotonfilm #filmisalive #believeinfilm #chubomichafilm #takephoto #photography #photographer #filmlover #hanoi #vietnam

Eğer balkonda yalnız sigara içiyorsan birilerinin seni (yarı beceriksizce) ölümsüzleştirmesi gerekir. En azından bir kez #analogphotography #analogia #analogue_people #35mmfilm #35mmphotography #filmisnotdead #filmisalive #practicatl1000 #fuji200

Creator @_aeiua #greenfilmmag


"We’re all fighting the same war on different fronts Attacking the same system of oppression I know that it’s easy to forget That there are less of them than us And it's about time for an uprising If we come together we can finally get shit done" • 🎵Ludlow • Trust No Cop Olympus Pen FT + Fujicolor 200

Mexico City, Mexico 2019 Canonet QL17 GIII Kodak Ektar 100

Just processed the film from this afternoon. It’s drying now, but here are three things: the film in the processing drum, a negative in my hand being held over my light board (inverted to appear positive- that’s why my hand is blue!), and the negatives on my drying rack. @kodakprofessional #kodak320txp #kodaktrix #ishootfilm #filmisalive #filmisnotdead #4x5film #filmnegatives #idevelopfilm Shot on @intrepidcamera #intrepidmkiv @curtissmansion #miamisprings #4x5group #photothermsidekick #ecoprodeveloper @freestylephoto1

PO-Dusty Blouse Tiara @73.000 BAHAN MONALISA MOTIF, LENGAN PANJANG. ALLSIZE, LD 92cm, PJG 58cm. TALI SERUT DI PINGGANG, MEMBERI KESAN LANGSING. Mau curcol sama admin? Boleh DM atau WA 085 335 237 997 Berkunjung langsung? Di timur pertigaan adipura, Jl. Gajahmada gg. Cokro no.19 Kota Bojonegoro ______________________________________________#padangan #ngambon #purwosari #rengel #videography #videostar #videographer #videoedits #videoshoot #videogram #musicvideo #videoproduction #videoklip #funnyvideo #funnymemes #funnymoments #funnyquotes #funnyposts #filmcamera #filmphotography #filmmaker #filmisalive #videokekinian #videoinspirasi #videopendek #videoartist #videoaneh #film2019 #filmterbaru

Sticks and stones may break my bones but mosquitoes they bite me. #spotmatic #portra400 #mosquito


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写ルンです早く現像したい💃💃💃 model: @mayuna_saburi

not ready for monday - 2017.12

Loaded 2 rolls in record time. Although, the first roll on friday took more time than several songs on pandora. Too bad I'll have to wait to develop these till Friday. #filmisalive #failureisalwaysanoption #blackandwhitefilm #analogphotography

All of the hot-dog stands were boarded up with strips of golden planking, sealing in all the mustard, onion, meat odors of the long, joyful summer. It was like nailing summer into a series of coffins. || 📷#canonae1 program | 🎞#portra800


Festival. 🎞️📸

Nonsense, child. If you'd lost all your faith, I couldn't be here. And here I am.

Teaching yourself to not care about someone anymore is hard, but sometimes necessary. 💙 Siri, play “Am I Blue?” by Billie Holiday.

“Life is a painting, and you are the artist. You have on your palette all the colors in the spectrum- the same ones available to Michaelangelo and DaVinci.” — Paul J. Meyer

Stained glass from within Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. During a short lunch break, a group of us students ran the streets of Dublin to stop by the cathedral. By the time we got there, we had to start heading back, but that didn’t mean the place was any less magical. 🕯

Yellow is my favorite color, so of course this caught my eye. 🍯

Double exposure from Memorial Day in 2018. I visited the grave of my great grandmother who had unexpectedly died when my grandpa was a little boy. From what photographs and stories we have of her, she was a beautiful and strong woman.🌷

The first time I got back into taking 35mm photos was when I went to this carnival. I got a disposable camera, ripped the covering off and cracked the plastic body open to allow light in to affect the film. I loved how pink and purple they all turned out. 🎪

There is a quaint little church along Highway 63 between Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri. It always reminds me of the church near King City where a lot of my grandma’s family is buried. This past spring, I stopped by this church before work and found out it was constituted in 1828! I hope to go inside of it sometime soon. ☁️

Missing Ireland a little more than usual today. ☘️ This photograph was taken within the ruins of a mining town in Glendalough. Little daisies were sprinkled all over the insides of the structures where the stone floors used to be.

Late at night is when Jesse Hall and the columns exchange love notes gushing over one another. 🐅 @mizzou

Stay groovy, now! 🕺🏻

Eat your greens! 🥦 I’ve been floor directing for almost a year now, and I can tell you that this green screen is still my most favorite part of the whole set.

Guess what? I have a YouTube channel sharing all of my adventures! Link is in my bio.

Thank you cinderella, so much for everything!