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Lady’s Bridge was widened by 10 feet in 1909 to accommodate the ever more popular motor car. The new extension is propped up by iron girders on stone foundations. These photographs were taken just above the water level in the old Royal Exchange kennels and show the original stone arches of the medieval bridge from 1485. Amazingly these have stood the test of time. Recent structural surveys indicated that the medieval bridge has suffered less wear and movement than its newer additions.

Sunset at Shaugh Prior. You can vote for this photo in the @visitsouthdevon Photography competition. To vote head to their website https://www.visitsouthdevon.co.uk/visit-south-devon/photo-competition _ #visitsouthwest #visitdevon #plymouth #sky #location #travel #travelgram #beautiful_destination #canon #creative #photographer #sunset #besttravelpics #travelinsta #love #photooftheday #gloriousbritain #roamunitedkingdom #photocompetition #capturingbritain #devonscenery #raw_uk #raw_nature #uk1shot #englandmylove #uk_hubs

The beautiful streets of Newcastle 🥰 I can go weeks without really seeing Newcastle now that I don’t work in the city centre so weekends have become my time to get lost on my favourite streets - love to wander with no plan at all and nose through the windows of all the new places I hadn’t realised had opened! It’s amazing how much you miss from not working in the city!

The Grade II listed Jubilee Obelisk in Endcliffe Park was erected to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 50 years on the throne in 1887. Designed by Flockton & Gibbs, it wasn’t originally situated in Endcliffe Park but had a prime location where Fargate, Barker’s Pool, Leopold Street and Pinstone Street meet. It was relocated here in 1905 after various buildings, including the Town Hall and the Yorkshire Bank building, dwarfed the rather modest structure. It’s still in good condition despite the four surrounding light stands missing their lamps.


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There’s still some decent looking buildings down Castlegate. . . . 📷 @heritagesheffield

Dixon Lane in the Castlegate Quarter is a bit of a nonentity today but it’s one of the city’s oldest streets, appearing on one of the first detailed street maps of Sheffield in 1771 by William Fairbank. Throngs of people would have been bartering around Haymarket and King Street where the town’s markets were and Dixon Lane would have no doubt seen a sprawl of stalls encroach on its thoroughfare. A bridge was built over the Sheaf in the early 1800’s at the bottom of Dixon Lane that lead to the ‘new’ Hay Market and eventually the Corn Exchange (built 1881, demolished 1964). This would no doubt have lead to an increase in shops and custom on the road.

The Royal Exchange Building on the Don (formerly Hancock and Lant) beside Lady’s Bridge at Castlegate is currently undergoing renovation to turn it in to private apartments and a ground floor restaurant. Below street level is this room, where the former kennels at Henry Bryar’s Old Stables would have been situated. Because of its low lying location this room may be prone to flooding so we will have to wait and see how this space is utilised.

There are decent views to be enjoyed from the Arts Tower. Hopefully views like these will become common place, albeit this is an extreme example. A new rooftop bar is set to open next summer on Carver Street which will overlook the Heart of the City II development rise around it.


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On the tail of the white rabbit at Lewis Carroll’s birthplace in Daresbury! ⠀ ⠀ The National Trust have turned the site of the parsonage where Carroll (or Dodgson, his real name,) was born in 1832, into a lovely, reflective little garden. The long burnt down parsonage building no longer stands, but is thoughtfully marked out with creative ironwork and a bricked outline of the floor plan. ⠀ ⠀ Jack and I enjoyed a picnic here, in the peaceful surrounding, and as we clambered into the car to head home, he asked me with a grin; “Did you know that the birthplace of Lewis Carroll was only forty minutes away from your house?” ⠀ ⠀ And the truth was, I didn’t. For somebody who proclaims to be a huge Alice in Wonderland aficionado, I didn’t. ⠀ ⠀ But I’m so glad I know now. ⠀ ⠀ 📸 was a joint effort by @fronds_like_these and I, thanks to him for putting in so much creativity to help capture this shot! ⠀ #nationaltrust #heritage #history #lewiscarroll #aliceinwonderland #whiterabbit #meadow #nature #garden #england #gloriousbritain #mybritain #instabritain #metroroadtrip #visitengland #girlsthatwander #dametraveler #englandmylove

Wells is a perfect place for a day trip. It is compact enough to explore on foot and has cobbled streets, medieval streets and a market square. . The cathedral is stunning inside and out. Going inside to see the cathedral’s distinctive scissor arches is a must! . I also loved the Bishop’s Palace with its beautiful gardens, where you can see the three Wells from which the city gets its name.

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Windsor’s over here squeezing out every last drop of summer ❤️

Visiting London with my husband today (work trip for hubby) you can’t beat the buzz of central London (and some shopping on Oxford Street)! We love to visit London as a family. So much to see and do! Do you have a favourite place to visit in London? Let us know! • • • • • #uk #thisislondon #londonlife #igerslondon #england #visitlondon #londoncity #london_only #timeoutlondon #londonpop #shutup_london #toplondonphoto #prettycitylondon #ilovelondon #london4all #londontown #lovelondon #prettylittlelondon #londres #londoner #unitedkingdom #londoncalling #londonforyou #lovegreatbritain #thelondonlifeinc #shiningrainbowsteachandtravel #visitlondon #girlsthatwander #englandmylove

Castlegate has lost some incredible buildings but it still retains some fabulous architecture. The stone of the old town hall clocktower that was built in 1808 contrasts with the brick and wood of Haymarket. Both the pictured buildings on Haymarket used to be Davy cafes in a previous life.

Take a peek at some of the pretty little houses in Vicars’ Close in Wells. As the name suggests, the houses were originally built to house a vicar each. . When the Vicars’ Choral was founded in 1348, by Bishop Ralph of Shrewsbury, he wanted somewhere to house the Vicars in order to protect them and keep them away from women! There were originally 42 houses for this purpose. . The houses were fairly basic and in the 15th century, some improvements were made by adding the iconic chimneys and allowing a section at the front to be walled off to make a garden. After the Reformation, some houses were combined as Vicars were now allowed to marry and have a family. I bet Bishop Ralph was turning in his grave at that one! Today there are 22 houses, as well as a chapel, a library and a treasury. The occupants are still the men of the Vicars’ choral as well as the organists and the vergers.

Vicars’ Close in Wells, did you realise it was tapered to make it look longer? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This evening we take a walk down Vicars’ Close in Wells. It is claimed to be the oldest purely residential street with original building surviving intact in Europe. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Vicars’ Close was built by Bishop Ralph of Shrewsbury, who founded a college for the Vicars Choral in 1348, with the Close being built for the young clerks. Originally 42 houses were build, one per vicar, but over time some of the houses so now consists of 27 residences along with additional building, all Grade I listed. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It is 460ft (140m) in length and construction was started in 1348 and completed in 1430. It’s also interesting to note when doing my research for the post that the width is tapered by 10 feet (3.0m) to make it look longer when viewed from the main entrance. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Source of information: wellscathedral.org.uk and @wikipedia #photographs_of_britain . . . . . #vicarsclose #visitengland #historicengland #wells #somerset #explore #photosofengland #yourbritain #travelinspiration #wellscathedral #mybritain #britains_talent #weloveengland #englandmylove #britain24x7 #britishsnaps #wearegreatbritain #loves_europe #photosofeurope #englandsbigpicture #loveforsomerset #genuinebritain #capturingbritain #bestunitedkingdom #ukshots #findyourpic #daysoutuk #leadinglines Sent via @planoly #planoly

I’m passionate about several things when it comes to Sheffield. Restoring and promoting our heritage is obviously one (it’s what this entire account’s about) but also the environment and developing a sustainable city. One of my ideas is with regards to the Castlegate development which will no doubt be the city’s next big undertaking. This idea is a side note to the major development that will occupy the castle site and concerns this stretch of the River Don, pictured, that runs from Lady’s Bridge to Blonk Street Bridge. ‘I believe utilising the Don’s flow to power street lights would be a good initiative on several levels. A series of water wheels installed on the Don below Castlegate (the street) and potentially under Henry Bryars Old Stables (the opposite bank) could be used to power a generator and light the new development’s street lighting at night. The initial outlay for the installation would be recouped from the electricity it provides to power the street lights (admittedly over a number of years). As a continuous renewable source of energy the maintenance would be limited to the generators and batteries. As the Don is a relatively slow moving river at this stretch and Lady’s Bridge weir lays only a dozen yards upstream, the wheels are likely to experience little wear or damage due to debris or a turbulent current. This project would set a good example of the council’s strategy to create a hub for start-up tech companies in the area incorporating basic sustainable minded technology to create a practicable and safe environment. Furthermore, it has educational value too. The waterwheels would not only provide a service but would also be a tourist attraction and could be used to educate visitors and residents of Sheffield’s history as an industrial powerhouse and of its humbler origins. The mill at Millsands was built during the same era as the castle so it would tie in well with the rich heritage that is being promoted on the Castlegate site.’ Do you like this idea? Would you promote a sustainable development at Castlegate?


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Castlegate, Sheffield. Not what it used to be but plans are afoot!

The Curzon Cinema on George Street used to be the headquarters of the Sheffield Banking Company Limited, which can be seen behind the Curzon signage above the entrance. Thanks to the manager, Nigel, and Heritage Open Days I was able to see the old safes, which still have 6 inch+ thick steel doors, and the money cages, one which has been dubbed Nicholas Cage. The cinema room is free standing so it doesn’t encroach on the walls of the main lobby, thus preserving the features. Probably most importantly, it has a rooftop bar!

Beautiful shot of the Tribute Ale balloon over Bristol last night, taken by @therealflooper while he was piloting another 🎈 thank you Phil, it’s our feature today 👍 @richimal_bristol ✌️🌐 #bristolsballoons

I have so many photographs of this street, that I could set up a Vicars’ Close Instagram account and spam you all for the next year or so! When I first arrived here, first thing in the morning hoping that it would be quiet, I was in for a disappointment.Yes, it was tourist free, but it was also bin day and the whole street was lined with green plastic bins. Not only that, but there were CARS parked along the street! I stared disbelievingly - I was sure that I hadn’t once seen a photo of this street full of cars! Despondently, I snapped a few shots and went away again. At the end of the day, I thought I would just have a another quick look before heading back to the car park and I was in luck! The bins and the cars had vanished. I then had a small window of opportunity before a huge tour group appeared! 😬

When the traveller or merchant visiting old Sheffield crossed over Lady’s Bridge they would tread upon Waingate, or ‘the Wagon Way’. To the left rose the mighty Sheffield Castle, built in 1270 by Thomas de Furnival when a charter was granted. Waingate would lead to the town’s market place.


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'Some days seem to fit together like a stained glass window. A hundred little pieces of different color and mood that, when combined, create a complete picture...' ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

I was very happy to make a return visit to the beautiful city of Wells which is England’s smallest city. I spent most of my time at the Bishop’s Palace enjoying the beautiful gardens and views like this one 😍


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'The Face of the Drill Hall...' 🖤

Probably the most exciting project facing Sheffield planners is what to do with the castle site. Granted there’s not much left of the medieval castle that was demolished in 1648 but remains of the gatehouse and part of a bastion tower (pictured) are still present. Sheffield Castle is where the present city grew from and now it’s time to make it the forefront of a modern Sheffield.

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Tonight we walked at blue hour, watched the sky change from orange to crazy candy-floss pink. We must have heard a dozen owls on our wanders. As the pink skies subsided, the moon rose, a golden globe of magic 🙌 . . . . . #silhouette #sunset #reflectionsmagazine #exploretocreate #scenicbritain #ukgreatshots #prettyengland #artofvisuals #fantastic_earth #britains_talent #derbyshiretimes #getoutside #ukpotd #yourbritain #earthpix @bbceastmidlands @explorethewilds #wearederbyshire #igersderbyshire #ukgreatshots #uktravel #englishcountryside #englandmylove #derbyshire #cowparsleyappreciationsociety #seeds #seedheads #bluehour #your_skies #dethick #lea #derbyshiretimes

Up until about three years ago, I had always assumed that the Hovis advert had been filmed up in Yorkshire. Then when one day when I was looking for an AirBnB to stay in, I noticed one that said that it was very close to Gold Hill where the advert was filmed. I discovered that in fact the hill is in Shaftesbury, Dorset and that in fact I could visit it relatively easily at some point. I was quite nervous about my visit! It is such an iconic view that I have seen recreated in so many pictures and I worried that I would be disappointed when I finally got there. It was slightly surreal when I saw it in the flesh. It seemed smaller than I had expected and almost felt like a film set! The thing that I wasn’t expecting was that I would have the hill to myself. In my imagination I thought that the visit would be full of frustration and long waits for a clear shot. What a lovely surprise to find that it was a tranquil little spot and that I could take my time there and just enjoy the moment. The sweeping view of the countryside over the cottages is just stunning. Shaftesbury itself is a lovely little town and it is well worth allowing some time to wander round and explore.

The Market Tavern is a handsome old pub, albeit in need of some serious TLC. The original pub was built on the site in 1797 but the current one dates to the early twentieth century and stands next to the Mudford’s Building which was erected in 1915. Both these buildings on Exchange Street stand next to the vacant castle site which will surely be the focus of designers in the coming months. What do you envisage for the Market Tavern’s future?

Views of the Toon ❤️ We’re spending the day in Newcastle today ... going for a bit of an explore with a difference! All will be revealed on my Stories! But here’s a hint .... 🚌 Any guesses? It’s been AGES since we had a proper day out in the Toon - we’re going to do a food crawl round Grainger Market, visit the city farm and then see where our feet take us 🐮🐹🐰

Are you superstitious? I am not particularly, but many people do consider Friday 13th to be unlucky. In fact my Friday 13th has been quite good! The superstition is said to stem from the Last Supper. 13 people attended the meal, including Jesus and his 12 disciples and he was betrayed by Judas. This lead to a superstition that having 13 guests at a dinner table was a bad omen. Jesus was of course crucified on a Friday and it was a Friday when Eve gave Adam the fateful apple! Cain also killed his brother Abel on a Friday. Anyway... enjoy the rest of your Friday, but do let me know if Friday 13th has lived up to its reputation for you! By the way, if you have a fear of Friday 13th this is called, paraskevidekatriaphobia. Try saying that after a glass of vino this evening 🍷

Our feature today is this well timed shot by @nicholasthomasphoto 🎈 Our thanks to Nick and everyone who tagged #bristolsballoons recently Shared by @richimal_bristol ✌️🌐

Castlegate is an area that showcases a range of eras in its architecture. Grade II* Terminal House (right) was built in c1819, the Exchange Place Studios (left) date back to 1926 and the iQuarter tower was modern addition that was completed in 2008.

It’s a street with a leat! Cheap Street is one of the prettiest streets in Frome. It retains its medieval character with the leat (manmade watercourse) which winds its way down the centre of the pavement. The leat carries fresh water from the stream beneath St John’s Church. Traditionally, a leat was often created to carry water to a mill and Frome was certainly once a centre for cloth production and wool. Nowadays, I imagine that the leat mainly serves as a source of entertainment for small children! Many towns in England have a street called Cheap Street, the name comes from the word ‘ceap’ which meant ‘to sell’. As the word evolved, it was used to describe a market and from there took on the meaning of ‘inexpensive’.

ノッティングヒルは美しい建物が多い。 とても品のある街だ。 Notting Hill has many beautiful buildings. It is a very elegant city. #nottinghill #traveling_uk #visitengland #londonvisit #londontown #londoncity #ロンドン #ロンドンの街 #ノッティングヒル #thisprettyengland #englandmylove #whatlondonate #wanderlust.uk_ #ロンドンの建造物 #美しい建築物 #infinitelondon #we.love.england #londoncityworld #explore_britain #traveling_uk #visitbritain #we.love.england #wanderlust.uk_ #greatbritainshots #ins.traveller

The Norfolk Arms on the corner of Dixon Lane and Shude Hill has been standing since at least the 1820’s. When it was built the River Sheaf was uncovered and the pub stood across from the Sheaf Bridge. In the mid 1800’s it was on the corner of a bustling square called New Hay Market. Sheffield Corn Exchange would be built in this square by the Duke of Norfolk in 1881 but unfortunately no longer stands. Another of Sheffield’s grand buildings to be lost to the ages, it was gutted by fire in 1947 and demolished 17 years later.

What a view 🥰 We spent a lot of our Summer exploring Yorkshire ... (to the point where Simon has now imposed a ban on all road trips over an hour away 🙄) Our last adventure of the Summer took us to Knaresborough ... if you love great food, river views and a whole lot of Yorkshire charm it’s a must visit ❤️ Sharing a full guide on today’s blog (link in bio ⬆️) - if anyone has any more Yorkshire recommendations I’m all ears, we’ll just chat quietly so Simon can’t hear 👀

When I arrived in Frome, the first thing I learned was that I had spent my whole life pronouncing Frome incorrectly! Surely Frome rhymes with home?? But apparently not - in fact Frome rhymes with Room - so you need to say Froom. Embarrassing error out of the way and I was ready to explore the town which has been named as one of the best places to live in Britain. Well, I can confirm that Frome is a charming town. I met friendly locals, who suggested spots that I must visit (when they saw I that I was wandering with camera in hand). I saw streets which were featured in Poldark, streets with channels of water running through, historic buildings and a wealth of independent shops and cafes. Frome... I will be back!

My cute mom taking in the view of Sandringham, the Queen’s winter estate, this past July. Such a fun day. Looking through my pictures, I realized I never posted a picture of the interior of the chapel on this feed. It’s beautiful! Will probably post soon. . . . . . . . . . . #sandringham #sandringhamestate #herroyalmajesty #queenofengland #england #norfolk #eastanglia #englishcountryside #englandscenery #iloveengland #getoutside #englishgarden #countrygarden #royalhome #escapetothecountry #britishsnaps #yourbritain #ukscenery #trees #thisprettyengland #gloriousbritain #genuinebritain #englandmylove #norfolkcountryside #benchwithaview

The Big Gun just past Lady’s Bridge on the Wicker was built in 1900. The site has been home to a tavern since 1796. The current pub was built by Wheatley and Bates Ltd. which was subsequently bought by Sheffield based brewers Hope & Anchor in 1948. The Big Gun’s name originates from the proposed location of a cannon that was used during the siege of Sheffield Castle.

When your entire home is your sketchbook. From memories etched as scenes into reclaimed pine wood walls that rise to meet the ceiling latticework (also hand-carved from pine) to floors painted with celestial floral motifs (and we haven even started on the porcelain collection that’s taken over the rear sitting room). All of it hand-carved, hand-painted, and carefully curated in the slow and steady span of just under 20 years. This house’s interiors are truly a labour of love. 🏠💛

Grateful to @tea_and_wanders for the next two beautiful photos of the shop. It looks so warm and inviting and.. well, curious. Exactly the atmosphere we want to create. 🖤🌿🦇 ・・・ Visited Haworth in Yorkshire today and was absolutely mesmerised by the famed ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ shop. We went in twice and bought lots of gorgeous handmade soaps, spending the rest of our time awestruck by everything inside. It’s undoubtedly the jewel of all the shops in Howarth, with its classic Victorian vibe; all wood panel, adorned with mysterious bottles and curios. I almost wish I was back in there right now, to be honest. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #haworth #yorkshire #igersmcrontour #brontecountry #storefrontcollective #explorebritain #capturingbritain #hello_worldpics #kings_shots #bestunitedkingdom #instabritain #visituk #photosofbritain #cutelittleplaces #mybritain #visitbritain #visitengland #pathport #britain #metroroadtrip #ukshots #traveling_uk #topukphoto #englandmylove #gloriousbritain

🇬🇧 Beeeeeaaautiful England... Lovely people and lovely garden ! My dear friends I have been so so lucky to meet in England :) 🍀 . . Busy fun day after 11+ adventure... . . What a wonderful sunshine and nature ! Oh and my fav thing in England - Cream Tea :) with no tea but coffee lol 😛 . . 🌻 #england #englandismycity #englandsbigpicture #englandrugby #englandtrip #englandgirl #englandfootball #englandcricket #england2017 #englandlife #englandwedding #englandvgermany #englandhetalia #englandstyle #englander #englandvsgermany #englandfans #england2015 #englandisnotacity #englandvs #englandflag #englandultras #englandteam #englandmylove #englandweather #englandaph #englandcar #englandboy #englandboxing #englandtravel


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What a perfect place Haworth is. Cosy and unusual shops, tiered on either side of you, period buildings, features, history at every turn, and the biggest pot of Yorkshire tea I’ve ever had! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #jennyslampcollection #haworth #yorkshire #visityorkshire #brontecountry #village #englishvillage #englandmylove #mybritain #photosofbritain #england #visituk #prettylittletrips #metroroadtrip #cutelittleplaces #gloriousbritain #igersmcrontour #topukphoto #traveling_uk #exploremore #vsco

We all love seeing special shapes floating over Bristol. Here’s the panther shortly after takeoff from Ashton Court taken by @stevoe4 - it’s our feature today. Thank you Steve and everyone who tagged us today. @richimal_bristol ✌️🌐